Saturday, May 17, 2008

Birthday Boy!

Newborn Duncan

About a week and a half before Duncan was born, my doctor started talking about induction. He was afraid Duncan would be really big, because Evan was almost 9lbs. I was considering it, but I didn't really want to induce. May 14th was Mother's Day, and Grandma and Grandpa came over and took Evan home with them...just in case. Justin and I thought the fifteenth would be easy to remember, so we ate spicy Thai food and went on a long walk on the 14th, hoping to get things going. The fifteenth came and went. I decided to get some scrapbooking done before the baby's arrival. I got a couple of pages done. One early on May 16th. I went to Joanne's for some more supplies that afternoon. I was having some cramping, but I wasn't too worried about it. When I sat down it stopped, and from everything I read that meant that it wasn't "real" labor. I talked to my mother in law, hung up the phone, and about 10 minutes later the contractions started. This was 9:30pm. They were regular from the start. We waited the obligatory hour before calling the doctor. When we called he said, "Do you want to wait a little while to see if this is the real thing?" I said, "This is the real thing!" He told me to come on in. I asked if I could take a shower first, he said sure. I had read that a hot shower is very relaxing during labor, so I didn't understand why it hurt so bad. I got out, and couldn't really stand up. I called Justin. My words were, "Don't be alarmed." Of course, he was way beyond alarmed after seeing me on the floor. I insisted on getting dressed, but he refused to let me dry my hair. He drove like a complete maniac to the hospital. I said, "I sure hope I'm 3cm dilated, so I can get my epidural." And, "I don't remember it being this bad last time."

We got to the waiting room, and started to check in. It was 11:50pm. I couldn't sit in the chair, because it hurt to sit up. The contractions were fast and furious, but I really knew I was in trouble when I felt the urge to push. It's not really something a girl can refuse. So, I pushed and screamed bloody murder (this was all on the waiting room floor!) The nurses brought in a wheel chair to get me, but I looked at it with disdain. They brought in the bed, and I climbed in. They wheeled me back to a delivery room, asking me on the way, "Do you want an epidural?" "Yes!!" We got back there, and I was bombarded with questions in between contractions. The nurse checked my dilation and said, "You're complete." I said, "No epidural?" She said, "It would go straight to the baby. It'll be over soon." I said, "I'm not prepared for natural childbirth!" And I asked if I could have anything for the pain, "No. It would go straight to the baby." I paused, "Tylenol?" "Maybe afterwards." So, we did the breathing, the blowing, the pushing, the trying to ignore the urge to push. My doctor wasn't there yet, and they asked what I wanted to do. I said, "Push!" So, I pushed Duncan's head out and my doctor arrived in time for the shoulders. Duncan was born at 12:08am May 17th. He was 8lbs 7oz, 6oz. smaller than Evan. He was born with a ton of dark brown hair, and quite a set of lungs.
Happy 2nd Birthday, Duncan!


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a face.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Duncan.

Sarah said...

Happy birthday, Duncan.

And my second son was also born naturally... no drugs... he was 9 lb. 7 oz. The nurse that told me that after 3 hours of active labor my pain "couldn't be that bad" came back and apologized. Then told everyone on the floor that I was some sort of superwoman.

Uh, yeah.

I feel your pain sister. But it was worth it :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Duncan!!