Thursday, May 29, 2008

Over and Out

Duncan has always been a climber. So, it was no great surprise when he climbed out of his crib with a terrible crash. We put blankets and pillows around the floor to cushion the next landing. But it didn't happen. We finally removed the soft stuff just recently. And tonight like a little ninja toddler, Duncan scaled silently out of his crib, pitter pattered down the hall, and came downstairs. We were so taken aback, we just looked at him as he started to play. After awhile we took him back upstairs, and tried to get him to return to the crib. He climbed right out. Justin put his new big boy bed in the room (sans Thomas), and he is now in there screaming his head off. Mainly because he can't get out of the room (door knob cover.) Something tells me this may not be a sleep filled night.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


There comes a time during the battle of the bulge (or more recently known as the "muffin top"), when the weight ceases to drop. You start off with a very encouraging loss, and then all of a sudden you reach the plateau. You are still exercising and eating right (well, sorta), but the scale doesn't budge. I'm currently on the plateau. I haven't lost any weight in a couple of weeks. I keep trying to remind myself that it took 9 months to gain the weight, and I'll need probably that much time to lose it. I'm not very convincing. Sigh....

Deer Bites and Leaf Blotch and Mildew, Oh My!

We have a nicely wooded lot on a creek that's home to all sorts of wildlife. We have a couple of hawks in the neighborhood, tons of smaller birds, chipmunks, squirrels, snakes, big fat cats, you name it. And even though I think deer are beautiful, and I typically ooh and ahh when I see them leaping through my back yard, I cringe when I see them munching on my garden. I'm especially disappointed that they munch on plants in Evan's Garden. Usually it's the Hostas, but recently I've lost some foliage and part of a flower off my dwarf Oakleaf Hydrangea. At least it was just a nibble! I've considered placing more "deer resistant" plants in the yard, particularly in Evan's Garden.

Last year I purchased two Karl Rosenfeld Peonies for my front "symmetrical" beds. I bought two more recently. I didn't realize until I got them home that one had leaf blotch. I also noticed one of the ones in the ground had it, too. I was afraid I would have to replace both plants. After doing a little pruning today, I was able to keep the established plant. I think the one recently purchased looks too bad to keep. Oh darn, I'll have to go back to the nursery!

My Lonicera "Goldflame" has been looking a little peeky with the hot, dry weather. I took a closer look today, and discovered powdery mildew. It is prone to powdery mildew, so I'm not surprised. I treated it last year with the ole milk and water combination. Worked great. So, I'll be doing that again this year.

Once I have all these problems taken care of, hopefully I'll get a break before something else attacks!

Monday, May 26, 2008


There has been severe weather in other parts of the country this Memorial Day weekend, but here in the Southeast it's just been plain hot. Yesterday I emptied several gallons out of my rain barrel (still using AC water! I need to get that hooked up to the downspout!) and watered newer plantings and thirsty plants. Everything looked pretty good. I was wishing I had expanded my watering to include more established plants, because I had some things that were downright wilty. "Drought tolerant" plants, too. My mailbox honeysuckle, hardy geraniums, and even my Echinacea "Evan Saul" looked droopy. Tomorrow is our day to water, so I'll be out early to give those guys a drink. Of course, I think I can use rain barrel and grey water at any time. It's just water from the spigot that I am limited to the odd-even schedule. I don't want people to think I'm cheating, so I generally stick to the schedule.

When my sister was here we started putting down pine straw in "the back 40" to cover a mostly weedy area. My hubby and I continued working this weekend until we ran out of pine straw. I still need to mulch my woodland garden and butterfly garden. We've talked about curving out the pine straw island back to the back edge of the property. I'd like to do a shrub island there, with some natural privacy sort of plants. I'd love to include an Oakleaf Hydrangea, maybe a Ninebark "Diabolo," and something chartreusey. I've seen a couple of Sambucus nigra (Elderberry) shrubs with purple or chartreuse foliage. Not sure I've got enough sun for good flowering, tho. So, once we get the mulch down, onto The Shrub Island Project. Yeah!

Justin also installed a new mosquito trap in the back 40. I'll let you know if we have a reprieve.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bossy Boots

A parent always knows when it's too quiet, his or her toddler may be up to no good. While making sure everything was ok with an extra quiet Evan one day, I found him squatting in his "special place." His face was a little contorted, so I asked him if he was ok. Then putting two and two together, I apologized for interrupting and told him to let me know if he needed me. (If you don't understand, he was pooping in his diaper.) Had I lingered any longer, he probably would have told me to leave. He had a tendency when occupied, to point his finger in the opposite direction, and say, "Go in there, Mommy" or "Go away, Daddy." Can you blame a guy for wanting a little privacy? At the same time, however, it was just a tad bossy. When Evan had a cold, it was "Gimme a tissue!" I told him it would be nicer to say please. Sometimes he didn't even bother with verbs. He'd say "Chocolate milk!" Sometimes no words were necessary, like when he banged the milk jug and bottle of chocolate syrup together. His point was clear!

When Duncan came along the bossiness turned helpful. "Get Duncan's paci!" And "Go get Duncan." When we had a doctor's appointment for Duncan, Daddy wore red, Duncan wore red. I asked Evan what I should wear (knowing full well his favorite color was red), and he said, "Red!" As Duncan got a little older, Evan started imparting his toddler wisdom onto his little brother. We were driving home from the park when I heard Evan's voice in the backseat. "Duncan...get those fingers outta there!" I looked and Duncan had his fingers in his mouth, like any normal 5 month old. And I thought to myself, "What a bossy boots!"

Thursday, May 22, 2008

May Flowers and Foliage

Astilbe looking lovely in bloom in Evan's Garden!

The Astilbes have looked fabulous for a week or so. I've always heard they don't do well here in the Southeast, but I've had pretty good luck. Just behind the astilbes you can see that my dwarf oakleaf Hydrangeas are starting to bloom. When I planned Evan's garden, I wanted what I called "a bank of hydrangeas." I opted for two oakleafs on the ends, and three Annabelles in the middle. The Annabelles look so droopy in the midday sun, that I kinda wish I had put in all oakleafs. They, on the other hand, are looking splendid in defiance of drought and heat.

Blurry Spigelia

My Spigelias have come back, and one of them is covered in these spectacular red blooms. The other was munched on by deer, then I accidentally broke it, and then Duncan broke it again. Poor little plant. Maybe next year.

Gerbera Daisies

I always choose colorful annuals for the front "more formal" beds. This year I planted Zinnias and Gerber daisies. Actually, Gerbers tend to come back here. So, hopefully I'll be enjoying these for years to come. (Unless I decide I can't stand them, and dig them up. I do that sometimes.)

I thought this was native Geranium, but now I'm not sure

I have these all over the place, and they have never bloomed...until now. Maybe I'll stop digging them up and calling them weeds.

Purple Shamrock and Hydrangea aborescens "Annabelle"

Justin gave me this Purple Shamrock for our first Valentine's as a married couple. It was in a cool blue pot for a long time. When we moved into our house, I noticed a neighbor had one planted in his yard. I thought it looked so good, I wanted to give it a try. I think it's done very well. I planted the Annabelle next to it last year.

Stokesia laevis

Another shaky hand photo of a trade plant. Great native perennial, Stokesia.

New stakes for my new Dahlias

I just re-installed Evan Matthew dahlia (with some sand this time!) and two Pam Howdens. I can't wait to see them in bloom. Hopefully, the stakes will keep their beautiful flowers off the ground.

New pictures

Duncan will be entering his state of Zen in 3...2...1.

Miranda's found her thumb, and she likes it! She's also sporting her new leaf cap knitted by her Auntie Sherrie.

Cute Couch potatoes.

That's My Boy!

We've had our rain barrel for two weeks as of tomorrow. And in spite of a couple of really good rain showers, we haven't captured any rain water. Simply because we haven't attached the barrel to the downspout, yet. It's more complicated (I think) than just sitting it next to the spout. There's sawing involved. And cinder blocks. There's an opening near the top of the barrel to attach a hose. When I asked about possible mosquito issues, the seller recommended placing a cap on the opening. I finally got something that I think will work. In the meantime my 2 year old son decided it was cool to thread the tube that removes condensation from the air conditioning unit through the opening into the rain barrel. I captured AC water in a bucket last year when we were on a total water ban. However, we've only used our AC a few times this year, so I didn't think I'd have any accumulation from the condensation. I was wrong. I looked in there the other day and there were a couple of gallons splashing around the bottom of the barrel! I poured some out into my watering can. So, I can officially say I've used my rain barrel. Just not quite the way it was intended. Way to use your noodle, Duncan!

Monday, May 19, 2008

It's My Party, and I'll Cry if I Want To

Picasso had a blue period. He apparently also had a black period. Duncan has entered his shy period. We had Duncan Birthdaypoolooza on Sunday, and Duncan seemed more interested in hiding in the corner than playing with his cousins. When Aunt Natalie wanted to take Duncan's picture, he hung his head and didn't make eye contact. It was kind of like he was thinking, "If I don't look at her, she'll go away." He wanted to be held instead of play.

He freaked out when we sang Happy Birthday (although, I think our rendition could have scared the rats out of town faster than the Pied Piper.) He barely jumped on the Bouncy Fire Truck.

Cousin Carmella Bounces

However, once he got a taste of cake, he seemed to figure out that this party thing was pretty ok. But really, the presents were the best part. He was thrilled with everything. He didn't want to go to bed that night without his trucks. He goes from station to station playing with new things.

Maybe birthday parties aren't so bad afterall.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


We have a small creek that splits our backyard in half. The back half is a flood zone in heavy downpours. It only actually really floods over every few years. It's really the only flat part of the property. That's where Evan's garden, my woodland garden, and my son's play area are all located. We are able to cross the creek to reach what we call "the back 40" via a small wood bridge. Yesterday I stepped onto the bridge and saw a snake slither out from the creek bank and into the creek. I did what most girly girls do. I screamed. Well, more of a shriek, really. I hurried my son on across in a panic, as my sister cursed and said, "I think that was a copperhead!" I'm not really sure why it freaked me out so much. I've seen snakes down there before. Although, I may have shrieked those times, too. And, after looking up common snakes for our area, we decided that it was probably a brown water snake. Not poisonous. It still kind of creeps me out. I'm a total wimp, I know. Of course, now is the time that my 2 year old son has picked up that snakes say, "Sssss." So, he goes down to the bridge, points to where he saw the snake, and hisses. It's extremely cute. Just as long as he doesn't try to go and pet one.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Birthday Boy!

Newborn Duncan

About a week and a half before Duncan was born, my doctor started talking about induction. He was afraid Duncan would be really big, because Evan was almost 9lbs. I was considering it, but I didn't really want to induce. May 14th was Mother's Day, and Grandma and Grandpa came over and took Evan home with them...just in case. Justin and I thought the fifteenth would be easy to remember, so we ate spicy Thai food and went on a long walk on the 14th, hoping to get things going. The fifteenth came and went. I decided to get some scrapbooking done before the baby's arrival. I got a couple of pages done. One early on May 16th. I went to Joanne's for some more supplies that afternoon. I was having some cramping, but I wasn't too worried about it. When I sat down it stopped, and from everything I read that meant that it wasn't "real" labor. I talked to my mother in law, hung up the phone, and about 10 minutes later the contractions started. This was 9:30pm. They were regular from the start. We waited the obligatory hour before calling the doctor. When we called he said, "Do you want to wait a little while to see if this is the real thing?" I said, "This is the real thing!" He told me to come on in. I asked if I could take a shower first, he said sure. I had read that a hot shower is very relaxing during labor, so I didn't understand why it hurt so bad. I got out, and couldn't really stand up. I called Justin. My words were, "Don't be alarmed." Of course, he was way beyond alarmed after seeing me on the floor. I insisted on getting dressed, but he refused to let me dry my hair. He drove like a complete maniac to the hospital. I said, "I sure hope I'm 3cm dilated, so I can get my epidural." And, "I don't remember it being this bad last time."

We got to the waiting room, and started to check in. It was 11:50pm. I couldn't sit in the chair, because it hurt to sit up. The contractions were fast and furious, but I really knew I was in trouble when I felt the urge to push. It's not really something a girl can refuse. So, I pushed and screamed bloody murder (this was all on the waiting room floor!) The nurses brought in a wheel chair to get me, but I looked at it with disdain. They brought in the bed, and I climbed in. They wheeled me back to a delivery room, asking me on the way, "Do you want an epidural?" "Yes!!" We got back there, and I was bombarded with questions in between contractions. The nurse checked my dilation and said, "You're complete." I said, "No epidural?" She said, "It would go straight to the baby. It'll be over soon." I said, "I'm not prepared for natural childbirth!" And I asked if I could have anything for the pain, "No. It would go straight to the baby." I paused, "Tylenol?" "Maybe afterwards." So, we did the breathing, the blowing, the pushing, the trying to ignore the urge to push. My doctor wasn't there yet, and they asked what I wanted to do. I said, "Push!" So, I pushed Duncan's head out and my doctor arrived in time for the shoulders. Duncan was born at 12:08am May 17th. He was 8lbs 7oz, 6oz. smaller than Evan. He was born with a ton of dark brown hair, and quite a set of lungs.
Happy 2nd Birthday, Duncan!

Friday, May 16, 2008

See the Baby

Daddy Getting Evan Ready for Bed

There are people out there that take pictures of their child each day, to see the gradual changes over the years. There are people who record their child periodically to have that sweet little melodious voice saved. And there are others who never seem to put the video camera down. We've never gotten into the habit of recording everything. I remember telling Justin a few times how we needed to start getting videos of Evan's sweet little voice before it changed. We have some movies, but not as many as I would like. Had we known we would only have him for a short time, we probably would have been those parents taking video all the time. As it is, we cherish the ones we have. Evan exhibited extra cute behavior at bedtime. Cute enough for us to run for the camera. One that comes to mind is a video of Evan running around in circles on his new rug from Grandma and Grandpa. There are sailboats all around the perimeter and a solid center. Evan had to run and touch each boat with his feet. As he circled the rug (and whatever parent was on the floor), he would say "Wound and wound, wound and wound." For round and round.

Evan at Tumbling Class in his "Baby Outfit"

Another bedtime video has Evan in his orange and yellow striped onesie. He's about to get a diaper change, and wriggling around on the table. He keeps saying, "See the baby. See the baby." He wants to see the baby on the back of the digital camera. He didn't know that he was the baby! We turned around the little screen so that he could see himself, and say, "Baby."

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bloom Day

Here are some of the things blooming right now.

Peony "Karl Rosenfeld"

Passalong Iris

Serissa foetida

Sikes Dwarf Oakleaf Hydrangea Budding!

My Dud Clematis is Lookin' Good!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I Spy

When I was pregnant with Duncan, I was on bedrest for several weeks for preterm labor. I was limited to getting up to use the bathroom and...well, that's about it. It was springtime. I was really missing getting out in the yard to garden, and was desperate to see what all was blooming. We have the typical sub-acre suburban yard, so it's not that big. But it's hard to see all my tiny little blooms from my window. I decided to whip out the binoculars to give me the up close look that I was unable to enjoy for real. Of course, I was always worried that my neighbors would think I was spying on them. Now I'm able to walk outside when I want (as long as I take Duncan with me!) Duncan turns 2 this week! Stay tuned for his birth story (it's a short one.)

For more gardening adventures, check out my garden journal!

This One's for You, Natalie

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Miranda: "Sometimes I Scare Myself!"

Babies are born with certain reflexes. Rooting - Baby turns her head when you stroke her cheek. Sucking - Baby will suck on anything placed in her mouth, which is why pacies are such a hit. When you put your finger in baby's hand, it may disappoint you to learn that it's a reflex that makes her grab it. (Still cute, tho.) This is called the Palmar Grasp. And you've probably seen baby jump out of her skin at the slightest noise. That's the Moro reflex. These reflexes seem to begin in utero. You'll often see (through ultrasound) a baby sucking her thumb while still in the womb. And many moms can tell you how a mommy gas bubble can startle baby. Once baby is out in the world, sometimes her own gas noises can be alarming. But what's really crazy is when she startles for no reason. The other day Miranda was nursing. Something, I don't know what, startled her. She was so upset, she began to cry pretty hard. It took a lot of soothing to calm her back down and get back to the task at hand. There was no external cause, so I figured that she just scared herself.


So, I've been bummed because of my drought losses. I've looked around for replacements, and I've had a hard time finding them, as well as the Deutzia "Duncan." I went to the same nursery where I purchased my Gaura "Karalee Petite Pink," and they're not selling it this year. And forget about finding that Dahlia "American Pie." I purchased 2 from Home Depot Landscape Store, just before they went out of business. And I think the Dark Angels series is just too new to find anywhere, yet. Wellll...yesterday, my sister (who's visiting the next week or so) and I went to the local Master Gardener's plant sale. I was hoping for interesting and unusual plants, but was disappointed with mostly the same ole stuff one can find anywhere. I did, however, get a rainbarrel. We went to a close nursery after the sale, and I found my Gaura! I came home and planted it. I grudgingly decided to move the Dahlia to a different spot (I had purchased two for a symmetrical layout.) I dug it up, and to my pleasure, there were three tubers! Two had leaves, one did not. So, I divided them and placed them back in symmetry, and put #3 in the butterfly garden. I was so excited to solve almost all of my searching dilemmas in one day! And one for free! And now, if I could only find that Deutzia....

Thursday, May 8, 2008


I linked over to the Fat Cyclist blog from Confessions of a Pioneer Woman the other day, because it said, "these people need your prayers right about now." I clicked over, and read about a woman/a wife/a mom who has been told that she only has a few months to live. She's been battling cancer for four years, and now it's in her brain. The blog is maintained by her cyclist husband. He's pouring out his heart and praying for a miracle.

Add these folks to your prayer lists.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Drought Victims

Dahlia Dark Angels Series "American Pie"

Before I got pregnant last summer, I did a fair amount of gardening. I saw it as therapy to help me get through the devastating first year without my eldest son, Evan. I planted a garden in Evan's memory, a somewhat formal herb garden to satisfy my need for symmetry, and various other items throughout the yard. The Southeast US, of course, suffered a terrible drought last year. We were placed on a water ban in my area by late summer/early fall. By that time most of my new plants were pretty well settled. I collected rain water (when it actually did rain!) in an effort to keep things happy. My mom is one of those gardeners who every year says, "Oh, I hope that comes back." I seem to always ask, "Why wouldn't it?" I have one of those yards that makes gardening easy. I don't know that I have a green thumb, as much as I just have an easy yard. There's a small creek, which probably made the soil in the surrounding areas perfect for growing stuff. Well, this year after last year's drought, I found myself hoping things would come back. And unfortunately, I've had some drought victims. The Evan Matthew dahlia I mentioned in a previous post didn't make it. I've also lost a Gaura (I thought they were drought tolerant!) and another Dahlia "American Pie." The trouble is, these last two plants are in my front beds, which I've tried to keep symmetrical. So, that means I have to find replacement plants. Or, move stuff around. I've looked and looked, and so far, I haven't found the particular Gaura (Petite Pink) or the Dahlia. I'm not sure what to do. I've always thought of these beds as a conundrum. I've changed everything out multiple times, and I'm never happy with the end result. And now I'm afraid to plant anything new, because we're low on rain already for this year. Sigh. I imagine I'll be hoping things will come back next year, too.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Thanks for the Meme-ories

I was checking out Eric's blog, and came upon this Meme. And at the end he says, "If you're reading this, consider yourself tagged. So...A meme consists of any unit of cultural information, such as a practice or idea, that gets transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another. You've no doubt gotten e-mails where you fill in lists of information about yourself. That's one example.

Here are the rules for this one:
1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Open to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people, and acknowledge who tagged you.

So, the nearest book is Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? By Bill Martin, Jr. and pictures by Eric Carle. This is Duncan's board book, so needless to say, there ain't a page 123. Maybe I could do pages 1, 2, then 3, but then there's not a fifth sentence, either. The next closest book is a mystery called The Virgin in the Ice by Ellis Peters.

A chain of ruby beads wavered on for as far again, and there was a second starry bloom, and beyond, the chain continuing, thin and clear. The frozen snow held its dyes well. They were at the peak of day, the brief clarity would soon be gone, but while it was at its height it showed them the frowning outline of the Clee straight before them, the goal of this ancient pathway.

I will copy Eric's idea by saying, if you're a blogger reading this, you're tagged!

Monday, May 5, 2008

My Love/Hate Relationship with TV

Evan Watches His Favorite Sesame Street Character--Cookie Monster!

I haven't always been a TV junkie. I may have had a show or two that I watched regularly, but I didn't veg out in front of the tube all day (except maybe cartoon Saturday!) When Evan came along I was really diligent about keeping the TV turned off. When Evan turned 18 months old, I started a Bible study. He came home from the nursery talking about "moobies." I found out they watched movies on rainy days. It was one of those if you can't beat 'em, join 'em moments. All of Evan's little buddies were already watching Sesame Street. I thought, "Well, Sesame Street is educational, at least." So, we became regular viewers of Cookie Monster and Elmo. Sesame Street has clever little parodies for grown-ups to enjoy (probably to encourage parents to watch with their kids.) We also rented Elmo and Blues Clues movies from Netflix. I felt like a failure, in a way. But at the same time, we had fun watching together and talking about the show.

Around Christmas or New Year 2006, Evan went to stay with Grandma and Grandpa. He came back talking about JoJo's Circus. I told him I didn't know that one, and I thought it might be on the Disney Channel, and I didn't think we had it. After some surfing I found the channel, and we started watching a new show together. So long Sesame Street. So long PBS. Hello Disney. We also discovered the Wiggles. And the Doodlebops.

The Potty Makes a Convenient TV Chair

Evan would sit like this in front of the tube, mesmerized. We joked about how he had reached a state of Zen. One day we had the Doodlebops on, and I said, "Evan, Mommy doesn't like the Doodlebops." And he said, "I like the Doodlebops." We had a similar conversation about the Tellytubbies. "Evan, Mommy doesn't like the Tellytubbies." "I like the Tubbytubbies."

I watched him as he watched the TV. Were IQ points oozing out of his brain? Was he going to become a couch potato? In spite of these worries, I can't say that I haven't used the TV as an opportunity. I have taken showers or gotten laundry started with no hassles, because a favorite show was on. Evan's favorites were the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (known among my parent friends as toddler crack) and Handy Manny. I remember dancing along with the Hot Dog Song at the end of Mickey Mouse. I was doing the dance that Goofy the dog does, and Evan cried out, "Goofy!" I wondered if he was identifying the dance, or making a commentary. When Evan started to give up his nap, we decided to spend part of that time watching Curious George on PBS. I'd get Duncan down and check my email. Evan would run in and ask me, "Are you going to watch Curious George with me?" We'd sit together and watch TV. Side by side.

Save the Honeybees!

My Miranda Honeybee

I just read about how Haagen Daz has joined the fight to save the Honeybees. They have a neat little website that gives you details about the plight of the bees, what they're doing and what we can do to help. Mainly, plant more bee favorites. The fun part of the site is making your own bee. And then you can send it to friends. Check it out, and pick up some coneflowers, or another bee fave the next time you're at the nursery.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

How's Your Streak Going?

I don't remember what day I started, but I've got a good exercise streak going. I've only had one day with less than 20 minutes of some sort of work out. I'm doing my back exercises religiously. I've done really well with crunches, leg lifts, and squats. I need to get more walking in, tho. It's a little more difficult to plan than the floor exercises with two little ones. My clothes are starting to fit better. And I don't know if I should be happy or sad, but my new clothes from Old Navy are too big. Well, the only sad part is the money I spent on shorts that fit for only a couple of weeks.

So, how's it going for you?

Friday, May 2, 2008

"It's A Plant, Not A Sofa"

I come from the "if you don't like where it is, move it" school. My mom pokes fun at me for moving stuff around so much. I guess this is part of my lack of design knowledge. I get stuff because I like the shape, the flower, whatever. I plant it, and then see that no, it does NOT look good there. Instead of moping around about how much I hate it, I move it. Hopefully, its new home will be more satisfactory. Of course, it would be easier if I knew where I liked stuff from the start, but it's kind of a trial and error process for me. In fact, the beds in front of the house have been a trial since we moved here 7 years ago. I lived with what the previous owner had for a year or so, then started digging. I replaced the foundation shrubs a few times, and I change out the perennials almost annually. Part of the trouble is that the dwarf Yaupon Hollies I bought are still small, so many perennials are bigger, and it just looks funny. Another issue is the Tradescantia (Spiderwort) that my mom gave me. Sure, it's a native and has nice flowers and spiky leaves. But I swear this stuff is going to be around with the roaches at the end of time. I dig up the ever increasing number of clumps every year, only to have them back next year, if not by the end of the summer. Then there are those things I liked for awhile, and now I don't anymore. Or at least, not there. I was looking at "Hirohito," our Japanese maple last night. He's a lovely specimen. I thought out loud, "Hiro would look amazing just a few feet over, where his limbs would hang over the retaining wall." My husband vetoes the idea. He tells me to leave Hiro alone, he's fine where he is. I ask him why he's so offended by the idea of moving something, and he tells me, "It's a plant, not a sofa." We finally got to the real reason, which is he doesn't want Hiro to die. Well, neither do I. I don't think he will. We just have to take good care of him. So, I'm trying to decide if I should sneakily move Hiro while my hubby's not home or just let 'im be. Hmmm...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Who Is This Guy?

I found this fellow with a goatee going through my wallet. He doesn't look like he's from around here. I gave him a cookie to distract him, but he just poked at it. That's not like anyone that I know. Oh, wait...he's eating the cookie.

He's got a cookie for each hand. Yeah, he definitely belongs here.

Rose Update

After doing a little research last night, I found the presumed name of this rose. The person who brought it to the trade said that it might be Cramiosi Superior. After looking at some images on Google, I'm not so sure. I went back to her trade list to see what other roses were listed. The one it looks most like to me is the Apothecary's Rose. I guess the only way to be sure is to ask the original trader, or maybe post on the Rose Forum. It's been fun doing the detective work. I can't wait to find out what it is!