Friday, April 18, 2008

We've Got Strawberries!

Still Green, But Not For Long

I purchased four strawberry plants after strawberry season last year. They were pretty scraggly and root bound. I got them from a nursery we call Crazy Eddie's Used Plants. It's a dirt cheap outlet nursery that stocks mostly popular fare, but occasionally some unusual things. I planted the little plants, and then read in a book that most people treat them as annuals. Oh well. I'll see what they do next year, and then decide if I should rip 'em out.

Pretty Blooms Precede the Berries

I was happily surprised when they started to flower in midsummer. My mom said, "They must be ever-bearing." Cool. They flowered and fruited (is that a verb?) until Fall. This year they have sent out runners, so I have babies all over the place. And they're all in bloom, and starting to bear fruit. I'm very excited. My eldest son, Evan, loved strawberries, and would have been thrilled to be able to pick them out of his own yard. My second son, Duncan, not so much. He gives them what my husband calls the triple dis. He turns up his nose, shakes his head, and pushes them away with his hands. He's sure missing out. Although...that's more for me!


Anonymous said...

Hey, those look like they'll be gooood! We love strawberries over here. Think I'll have to try some next year. :o) Denise

sherrie said...

Professional producers treat them as annuals because they're most productive the first year. They'll be plenty productive for you, then spread, and eventually the older ones will die out.