Friday, April 25, 2008


Dahlia "Evan Matthew"

Last year I planted a garden in memory of my son, Evan. I also decided to purchase plants with the cultivar names of my children, Evan and Duncan. I purchased the "Evan Matthew" Dahlia, and "Evan Saul" Coneflower. I also purchased "Duncan's Smiling Eyes" Iris. As new growth starting to break the surface of the soil, I looked forward with anticipation to having another knockout summer full of Dahlia blooms. As one by one my dahlias started to come up, I noticed Evan Matthew was taking his time. Yesterday I finally got out there with a shovel and gingerly tried to see what was going on. I dug up the tuber, and it was just mush. I could have cried. I wanted to say, "I had such big plans for you." But instead I printed out an order form for J & C Dahlias, and I plan on re-ordering Evan Matthew. I'm also ordering a Pam Howden dahlia. Gotta get my own name in the garden, after all. I may place the dahlias in a different spot. I will be doing some research to find out if I can make that one spot more conducive to planting.


sherrie said...

What's wrong with the spot, do you think?

Pam said...

I may just need to make sure the drainage is good. It also could have succombed to the drought. It's not the only thing I lost.

sherrie said...

Yeah, that's definitely possible, and it sounds like it will continue to be a problem down there. Good luck.