Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I was suckered into buying some Edy's Thin Mint (as in Girl Scout cookies) ice cream today. Maybe it was the primal screams (and frat boy farts and burps!) that were coming from my sweet 1 month old daughter. Or perhaps the double barreled green worms sluggin' down my son's upper lip. Or maybe it was just the love of Thin Mint cookies that drove me to make the purchase. I tried it this evening, and was a bit disappointed. I tell you, I can eat a whole tube of those cookies in one sitting. I was bummed that the ice cream was a let down. Although, it's probably a good thing. I wouldn't want to eat the whole carton by myself. So, today was not so great. Crying crying everywhere. Me included. In fact, Miranda is balling her head off now. We've all got colds again. I can't believe she's only one month old and has had two colds. I feel like a terrible mother. I know you're saying something like, "It's that time of year." Well, you may recall that I pulled Duncan out of PMO to avoid getting sick. Well, he's had three colds since I got him out. It's crazy! We're home bound a lot, so it's hard to know where we got it. We're going stir crazy from being inside so much. I'm not complaining about the rain, because we desperately need it, but we need to come up with some rainy day activities before I start pulling hair and gnashing teeth. One thing I finally did do today was order some Truffles from Chocospere. I held my screaming daughter in my lap, and placed an order for chocolate. I'm such a cliche!

Here's to a better tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Yay chocolate! You know, I've been a little disappointed in every Edy's I've tried. They have great flavor ideas, but the quality on the follow-through isn't good enough. Phooey on them! -sherrie