Sunday, April 27, 2008

Passalongs and Unknowns

Unknown Clematis

A wonderful thing about being into gardening is meeting other gardeners. I joined GardenWeb several years ago. I've posted many questions about a wide variety of topics. I mostly hang out on my state forum. The people are always so helpful and encouraging (that's not true of some of the other forums!)

Unknown Iris

I decided to come out of my shell, and attend a plant trade a few years back. I dug up numerous goodies, and had a blast. We had pre-trades, the "free for all," and of course, lunch. The people were even nicer in person than online. The Iris pictured is from one of my GardenWeb buddies. I should ask her if she knows the name. My mother in law noticed it in bud recently, and said, "Is that the weird color Iris?" Gee, I thought the color was fantastic.

Clematis Dud

I purchased both of the Clematis pictured from a big box store. The blooms on the purple one have never looked so huge. I'm not sure what's going on with the one in the lower photo. I moved both plants last year. I had previously had them in my butterfly garden winding up a butterfly bush. Well, that's what they were supposed to do. They didn't really get enough sun there, and never produced many blooms. Now they're both on a trellis as a focal point in my pseudo-formal herb garden. The pink Clematis has just produced what looks like just the stamen and no petals. What could be wrong? It used to flower before I put it in its current spot. Any ideas?


sherrie said...

Maybe Niobe clematis and Rosy Wings iris? Can't help on the amazing shrinking flowers.

Pam said...

That clematis looks even more huge today. I'll have to get another picture to share. And maybe a less blurry one of the iris! I should really ask my friend about the passalong iris. She's the sort of gal who knows the names of a lot of her plants.