Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Out of It

I've been out of action for the last two weeks. I hurt my back when picking up both kids at the same time...40lbs of kid all on the front. My toddler went to his grandma and grandpa's to give me time to heal. It got a little better. Now he's back, and I'm sidelined again. I've been doing some back and ab exercises to strengthen my core muscles and try to recover from pregnancy. It's amazing how much I use my back. Unfortunately, I've been unable to get out and garden. And, of course, the weather has been fantastic. Short on rain, however. But great for being outdoors and planting, digging, mulching, etc. Wah! I have 30 bales of pine straw waiting for me in my driveway. I have three plants to put in the ground, and more I want to purchase. I'm so frustrated at being stuck indoors. I don't just need to get outside. I also need a hug!

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sherrie said...


When I get down, we two gimpy backs can work together and maybe get something done ;-) -sherrie