Saturday, April 19, 2008

I Stuff My Bra

It's not what you think. Sure, I probably added a few cotton balls when I was a tweenager, but it's hardly necessary when I'm breastfeeding. The last few nights Miranda has been sleeping for longer periods. While this is usually something to cheer about, it also means no feeding for hours on end. During the day I feed her every 2-3 hours. At night it's a longer stretch at bed time, and then a couple of shorter periods (5 hr, 3, then 2) to get through the night. Last night Miranda slept through the night. We woke her up after 9 hours to nurse. Why wake her up? Because my boobs were literally about to explode. We'd gone four hours longer than we usually go, and both breasts were leaking. I changed shirts, and stuffed a hand towel in my bra to absorb the milk. After a couple hours, I was on to shirt 3, bra 2 and a new towel. More than likely this was just a fluke, and she won't sleep through the night again for a while (although, she has exceeded the magical weight that LaLa claims is the sleep-through-the-night weight.) So, I'm thinking I'll pick up a breast pump to relieve pressure. And maybe pump some milk for bottles to be able to drop her off with the grandparents. A date night does sound good.


Anonymous said...

excellent idea!!!! Lala

Nat said...

Yes great idea! But don't get into the vicious over producing cycle with the pumping. Just a word of warning from one who has BTDT.