Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fussy, Jr.

Duncan and Mommy Spending Quality Time Together

When Justin was growing up, his aunt (from what I hear) called him Fussy Justy. Not because he was all that fussy, but because it rhymed. It annoyed Justin to no end, so his sister made sure she called him Fussy regularly (or is that just now?) Well, unlike un-fussy Justy, Duncan has definitely been fussy. This week has been especially bad. He whines and cries for much of the day, while Miranda screams. It's not been a picnic. He constantly wants me to pick him up. We go to the park. I'll have Miranda in the Baby Bjorn, so that I can play with Duncan. Well, he wants me to carry him all over the park. That's 42 or 43 lbs of kid I'm toting around! So, my back is totally fried. My nerves are fried from all the crying (I've done my fair share, too.) When my sister in law invited us over for a playdate with lots of kids and Mimosas for the moms, I seriously considered it. If Nat were just a little closer, I woulda been there. I took both kids to the doctor the other day-Miranda for her 1 month checkup, and Duncan for what I thought might be an ear infection (runny nose for a week plus, clinginess.) Turned out, Miranda has a slight ear infection, and Duncan's fine. When we were in the waiting room, Miranda started to cry, so Justin carried her around. Duncan looked over and saw HIS Daddy toting around that other kid. He got quiet, and looked down at the floor for a few minutes. When I saw the long face, I went over to play with him. He seemed ok after that. So, he's starting to feel a little left out, I think. I feel awful about it. And I guess the whining/clinging thing is his way of getting attention (albeit negative) from Mommy. Hopefully, we'll all get through this without too much more drama.



Anonymous said...

I'm trying to figure out when I can come down and help with massive amounts of "Duncan-time." Going to be after the 19th at the earliest, though. -sherrie

Anonymous said...

Oh, it is so hard feeling like you need to split yourself in two (not to mention taking care of yourself)! Once Miranda starts smiling and interacting, Duncan will be her biggest fan!
Kristin and Peter