Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Deja Vous?

White Astilbe unknown variety and Heuchera probably Palace Purple

My parents were kind enough to give me a gift certificate to a favorite local nursery for my birthday. (Gift certificates for plants are always a good gift!) My birthday is in January, so I waited it out until Spring arrived to actually do my shopping. I was also pregnant until March 1, when I delivered a baby girl. Pregnancy can put a damper on gardening. At least, in the end when I can't see my feet, and my sloping yard wreaks havoc on my altered since of balance. So, baby came and I went plant shopping. I've become more interested in fragrant plants in the last year or so. I already had the Daphne odora. I purchased another last fall to mark the death anniversary of my son. I recently purchased some Lavender for the butterfly garden. I mostly bought them for me, not the butterflies! I didn't even do the research to find out if they are butterfly favorites. After looking at these pictures of the butterfly garden from a few years ago, I decided to re-install some favorites.

Aquilegia canadensis Native Columbine

Back then I thought it would be fun to have a woodland garden, and I decided to transplant some goodies from the b-fly garden over to the new location. I moved the Columbine, Astilbe, Spigelia, and Heuchera and hoped to replace them with plants that I thought might do even better. Well, it turns out those plants were very happy there, and have not thrived at all in the woodland garden. So, I chose to try some new versions back in their old spots. I still need to pick up a new Spigelia, a wonderful native perennial with striking red blooms. I spent all of my gift certificate money, so this one will be on me. But these blooms are worth it!

Spigelia marilandica "Indian Pink"

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sherrie said...

I'm jealous of the Spigelia. Sooooo pretty! WANT.