Tuesday, March 11, 2008


This has been an interesting week already. The time changed to Daylight Savings Time, and that's always interesting. Who doesn't like more sunlight in the evening? Although, the early waking part is tough at first. I had a hard time getting up yesterday morning. I had been hungry throughout the night, but figured I'd be ok until breakfast (not a good idea for someone with occasional low blood sugar issues.) And I kind of wondered why I was so cold. It didn't occur to me until I got up to use the bathroom after 8am, that something was wrong. I was shaking horribly and still really cold. I stumbled out into the hall and lay down on the floor. I thought if I kept standing I'd either throw up or pass out. I called to Justin for help. He came running up the stairs in a panic. He felt my forhead, and said, "I'm getting the thermometer!" He came back, took my temp, and it was 103+ in one ear and 102+ in the other. I said, "I was just under the blankets, so it may be a little off." I'm brilliant like that. We got downstairs and he took it again a few minutes later...102+. After getting something to eat for my bloodsugar, and Tylenol for the temp, I called my doctor's office. It all meant one thing to me...sore boobs + red streaks on boobs + temperature = Mastitis. Again. I've had it with each child I've nursed. Twice with Evan. I would have thought that having more experience breastfeeding, that I could avoid it this time. It doesn't seem to work like that, tho. After all, the baby doesn't know how to breastfeed. She knows how to suck, but not how to do it and not hurt Mommy. And Mommy forgets what to do when she's been out of practice. So anyway, I'm now on antibiotics and feeling much better. Thankfully, we have people coming over to help this week, or I would have been in real trouble. Can you imagine a woman with a 102 degree temperature driving to the pharmacy with two small children? Justin told me later that he had been mad at me for oversleeping, and almost left before I got up. I told him to not get mad, just wake me up. Geesh! I think we were both glad he was there, so I didn't have to go through that on my own. Great way to start the week, huh?

Duncan seems to be happily tolerating his little sister. Once we don't have helpers around, he may start to be more aware of how needy newborns are. So far, he's doing great, and I'm really proud of him. We have a few cute pictures of the two of them that I'll post later. For now I think I'll go have some dessert. You know, that's required when you're having booby issues.


Betharoopie said...

Oh, noes! Poor Pammy - and poor boobies!! Hope you feel better soon, sweetie.

Fiddle*sticks said...

Holy smokes, hon! Call me if you need anything! I'd love to help :)

Nat said...

Ugh. I had mastitis with Beau and it sucked but what was worse was the vicious thrush cycle that ended. Eat tons of yogurt and hopefully avoid it.

skoots1mom said...

So not fun...get as much rest as you can.
Sweet dreams!
SK :)