Friday, March 21, 2008

Now That's More Like It!

I'm not sure what kind of magic Grandma and Grandpa's house holds, but Miranda slept for a 4.5-5 hour stretch last night (or maybe it was the absence of a snoring Daddy in her ear!) This is much improved over the 2.5-3 hour stretch she's been doing at home. I actually feel somewhat rested today! Of course, I will probably pay for this bragging tonight. Justin and I have had Miranda sleeping in between us in our bed. She starts off in the middle of the bed, but seems to migrate towards the nearest warm person. I've woken up with her wedged under my arm. It's incredibly sweet, but a little scary. The "family bed" is considered unsafe (because of parents rolling over on the child), and there are more SIDS incidents because of soft bedding. So, we're thinking we should move her to the cradle. It was a smooth transition for Duncan. He seems to like having his own bed. We kept Evan with us longer, and I think the transition wasn't quite as smooth. So, maybe it'll be easier to do it sooner. We've joked about putting a hot water bottle in the cradle with Miranda, so she'll have something warm to snuggle up to. I know they sell teddy bears with a heartbeat. Do they sell a warm teddy, too? I don't think we should expect a full night's sleep for a month or more. But the longer the better! Here's hoping for another good night!

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Amy said...

You could try one of those Baby Nests, if you want her in the bed longer. But I think they take up a lot of room.

I think we tried hot water bottles with Benjamin. We also tried warming up the cradle with a heating pad, then removing it right before we put him down. Nothing worked but putting him on his tummy (not recommended, I know). He still sleeps on his tummy, and when he puts his Little People down for a nap, they sleep on their tummies too!

Anyway I hope you keep getting 4 hour stretches of sleep, however you attain it. That's the best!