Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Miranda Update

Sleepy Miranda

Miranda graduated up to the Baby Annex. That means she's no longer in NICU...yeah! She will be discharged some time tomorrow.

Miranda Already Loves to Nap on Daddy

Meanwhile, we've been visiting the hospital every few hours for attempts at getting breastfeeding going and to visit. The nurses told us how much Miranda likes to be held. So, we took advantage of this new knowledge and got all kinds of baby snuggles today.

Lovin' the Snuggles!

The breastfeeding is going ok. Some sessions better than others. Unfortunately for me, we're having some technique issues, so my boobs hurt already. Hopefully, this won't last too long. I told her she needs to nurse, so I can lose all that baby weight!

Duncan Blissfully Unaware of What the Future May Hold

Duncan is hanging out with his grandparents, and more than likely wearing them out. I hope he likes being a big brother. He has such a sweet nature. I think he'll take good care of his little sis.


Dorothy Gould said...

Thanks for posting an update, she really is a beautiful baby. I am so glad she is doing well and coming home soon. I feel your pain on the breastfeeding, hopefully it will get easier quickly!

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful! Glad she'll be home tomorrow!
Love, Christina

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet face! And, Pam, you look awesome! I'm glad that you will have her home soon.

frogonthefly said...

Great pictures!
Glad she will be home soon.

Nat said...

Yeah! What sweet pictures. She looks like a feminine cross between Evan and Duncan. Very pretty girl!

Betharoopie said...

Awwww - so sweet! And little chubby cheeks! Glad to hear the good news.

skoots1mom said...

so tickled she's out of nicu...
I'm totally impressed with Duncan's picture--if he's already doing SUDOKU, he's really going to fly in school!
S Kirkman : )