Sunday, March 30, 2008

Catching Up

I want to get my journal going by listing some of the things blooming around my yard now. I'll start with February and March, so I'll be all caught up.


Daphne odora

Daphnes are a wonderfully fragrant evergreen shrub. I have this one planted adjacent to the steps down to the backyard. I make special trips over there in winter to take a whiff.


Magnolia stellata Royal Star

We planted this Magnolia tree in honor of my second son's birth. We've had it for less than a year, and it bloomed well already.

Mertensia virginica Virginia bluebells

I have a small Mostly Natives/Woodland garden in the back corner of our property. It's planted next to Evan's Memorial garden. One day I may try to make these gardens connect with a pathway.

I also have a Butterfly/Hummingbird garden in the backyard, and two symmetrical beds in front. The grass up at the street was looking poorly after the drought last summer. I decided to replace the grass with Daffodils for spring and daylilies for summer. The Daffies have bloomed, and I missed my opportunity to get any photos! Oh well.

I have many little gardens, but I've always been at a loss when it comes to design. I look at magazines, blogs, and TV shows, and think to myself, "That's fantastic. I should incorporate that idea in my own yard." Unfortunately, I've felt a bit of a failure when I get out there and try to put things together. The combinations that work are usually ideas of other people. I'm ok with that. I imagine that one day experience will help me choose what works. I also hope to be more bold in my plant selections one of these days. I've always been a bit of a chicken. I buy small plants when I should chose something big and architectural. I'm hoping that I will be able to envision my future gardens as I become a more experienced gardner.

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