Sunday, March 30, 2008


I still have my first Winnie the Pooh. I don't think this requires a visit to a therapist. I love stuffed animals. I always have. When we discovered we were expecting our first child, it seemed only natural to purchase a bear for him. Bears (and other animal buddies) have always been a part of play time, and the all important snuggle time.

Everybody Loves Mommy's Bear!

My bear's name is Snowbeary. I usually just call him Bear. Clever, I know. One day Evan was snuggling and kissing Snowbeary. I said, "That's Mommy's Bear!" He said, "My bear!" and gave me a sneaky look and grin.

Evan Shares Storytime with "Monkey" aka Gowilla

Monkey was a gift from Justin's friend, Ryan. I took one look at him and thought, "That big gorilla is going to scare the crap out of our little boy!" But it was quite the opposite. Evan loved Monkey, and toted him around, in spite of his enormous size.

Bouncing with the Buddies

When Duncan was born, we purchased the bouncer firetruck. We told Evan it was a present from Duncan. He loved it. He jumped with glee. It's no fun bouncing alone, so Justin and I were often pulled in (although, we do exceed the 100lbs weight limit!) If Mommy and Daddy wouldn't do, Evan would go get his stuffed animal friends. He'd come down the stairs, arms packed with stuffed animals, and say, "Got my buddies!" He'd throw them all in the firetruck and jump to his heart's content.

Bear Bear Helps Clean Up

Evan's first bear was named Cloud. We actually purchased Cloud for Evan's cousin, who was born about six months earlier. We fell in love with this little white bear so much, that we decided to get our new nephew a little something different.

Evan and his bear were inseparable. Once he took his bear along to the nursery at church. When we picked Evan up to go home, the lady asked Evan if he had his Bear Bear. He had named his bear! It was Cloud no more, but Bear Bear. If it was bedtime, and Bear Bear was missing, we'd go around the house calling out, "Bear Bear, where are you?" You can imagine how cute it is for a little boy to be calling for his bear. One night we couldn't find Bear Bear. Evan went on to bed, much to my surprise. Justin found the bear, and tucked him in Evan's arms while he slept. The next morning Evan ran into our room and said, "I found Bear Bear!"

Best Friends


Anonymous said...

Did you watch the Russian "Vinnie Puh" video I sent? I thought it was super cute and that you'd like it, too. -sherrie

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say what a cute post. The "I found Bear Bear!" is the best part, and those pictures!

Pam said...

Yes, Vinni Puh is adorable. The voices were a little unusual. But cute. Thanks for sharing.