Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bloom Day

We had some pretty tumultuous weather today. I awoke to the sound of rain falling on our roof. Not the gentle drops that coax one back to Sleepytown, but the hard driving rain of a downpour. We had rain throughout the day, some watches, some warnings. We were lucky enough not to get any severe weather here.

The heavy rain left nice mud puddles in the back yard. Duncan loves to play in puddles. And, thanks to his LaLa, he now loves to make mudpies. Thanks for the messy laundry, LaLa! We even went and bought him some little boots. Unfortunately, they're a little on the big side, so the mud sucked them right off!

Today is Bloom Day for real garden bloggers. I've had precious few blooms in recent months. Today, however, I have something to show for my um...lack of gardening? I can't say that I've actually done any gardening lately, so these blooms are a gift.

Royal Star Magnolia (Magnolia stellata "Royal Star") aka Duncan's Tree

My parents purchased trees in honor of our sons (we'll be getting one for Miranda this year.) We have a Crape Myrtle for Evan and this Magnolia for Duncan. I noticed this tree shortly after Evan died. Justin and I frequented a nearby botanical garden to walk and just be together. In spring I saw these fantastic blooms, and wondered what the tree was. The garden doesn't have a lot of markers on their plants, so I had to do a little research. I found it and did some arm twisting on my mom, and now we have a beautiful little tree in our back yard.

Virginia Bluebells (Mertensia virginica)

These Virginia Bluebells are in my Woodland/mostly natives garden. The flowers are a true blue that's difficult to find in nature. They're graceful little natives that die back in summer.

Loropetalum chinensis "Purple Diamond"

I've always thought of Loropetalums as being extremely tough plants. They take a lot of abuse, drought, hard pruning, etc. I dug up the plants I used to have here. One died, and the other barely came back. I was going for a symmetrical look, so I ended up digging up the surviving Loro, and giving it to my mom. I replaced them with two "Purple Diamond's." I don't plan on moving them, so maybe they'll live up to my expectations this time! This variety is supposed to have nice dark purple foliage year round.


Anonymous said...

When I was teaching Duncan the fine art of mud pie making, he seemed at that time to be more interested in "ingredient" gathering than the actual making of the pie. I'm glad to hear he's taking the next step. We'll practice more tomorrow and move onto "decorating" with berries and flowers. humm-those magnolia blossoms would look great on a large "pie". Lala

Anonymous said...

My arm is not too sore, so you didn't have to twist too hard. It's a beautiful tree this year. So what's it to be for Miranda?
The rest of the garden looks great as do the mud pies from last week.Mom