Sunday, February 3, 2008

What Have I Done?

Daddy Showing Duncan the Ropes

I've always jokingly said that Justin was having an affair with Dora, short for Computadora (that's Spanish for computer, y'all.) Sometimes I feel like he spends more time with Dora than with me. I'll admit that sometimes I do get lonely watching TV all by myself, while Justin's clickety clacking away on the computer. Since Evan died Justin has rekindled this relationship, and added a new flame...GameCube. He'll walk on the treadmill and play videogames. Hey, it's one way to get in shape! It's probably also a coping mechanism, so I haven't complained (he swears it's not...whatever.) When Justin put Guitar Hero III on his Christmas list, I thought, "Eh, why not." Duncan and I sneakily went to the store and brought it home. And Justin acted genuinely surprised to find it under the tree. So, now instead of clickety clacking, I hear a lot of lame-o hard rock (actually, alot of the music is pretty good), and the frantic pressing of buttons and "strumming." The plastic game guitar has no frets or strings.

Duncan Learning How to Wield the Axe

Pretty soon, however, Duncan decided that this was something he had to try. Justin played songs for Duncan. But Duncan wanted more. He basically will try to rip the guitar out of his Daddy's hands for his turn. We let him play, and every once in a while he'll actually hit a note! He doesn't care. He just wants to press the buttons, and "strum" the other button, and pretend he's a rock star. He's taken to posing in the positions he sees on the game! We have some pretty cute video of him really rocking.

Rock On!

To (hopefully) curb this obsession, we've acquired an Elmo guitar from a friend. We figured if Duncan had his own guitar, he may lay off the video game guitar (thus, not ruining it!), AND he and Daddy could jam together. The Elmo guitar was a huge hit with Evan, and it seems to be making an impression on Duncan, as well. He climbs up on a "stage," and gives me a performance. I wonder what he'll think of the video when he's a teenager. I do feel partially responsible for creating my little rock and roll monster.


frogonthefly said...

That is such a cute picture of Duncan with the guitar!!!
Rock on dude!

Anonymous said...

Hey Justin - is it time to get that ear pierced yet?
Maybe a few tats? Lala

sherrie said...

Show us the video... MUST SEE VIDEO!