Sunday, February 24, 2008

All In A Day's Work

Sticker Pox

Evan probably didn't consider himself a messy person. From an early age he helped his Mommy and Daddy clean around the house. He'd take a washcloth and vigorously scrub areas on the floor, walls, and tables in a way very similar to what he saw his Mommy do earlier. Evan never really seemed to take responsibility for his own mess. One day at Grandma and Grandpa's, Evan pulled off all the sticky notes from the pad. And then said with a Vanna White-like gesture, "Look at this mess!" as if he had nothing to do with it.

Evan Finds the Flour

Sometimes he seemed truly surprised by the mess he had made. Evan would lift his arms to his sides in a questioning manner, and say, "What happened?" This was especially amusing when Evan had dumped something over on purpose. I would tell him, "You made a mess, that's what happened!" He would help clean up after the mess was gone, but he would mysteriously disappear when the actual cleaning took place.

Clean Up!

Unless, it involved a "Dacuum!" Evan was obsessed with the vacuum for most of his short life. His form was perfect. If I actually plugged the vacuum in, and let him really clean, we'd have one very clean spot where he'd go back and forth. I think I now understand why kids love vacuums so much. They're like push toys for grownups! In a household with a toddler, vacuuming takes place frequently. Evan must have thought I was playing with the vacuum everyday.

Bath Time

After a long hard day of working, playing, making messes, and just being a kid, it was time to clean Evan...


and get some sleep.


Amy said...

"Sticker pox." Haha!

Benjamin will tear a road map into little tiny pieces and then say, "uh-oh! uh-oh! uh-oh!" While pointing at the pieces. As if he had no idea how such a horrible thing happened. Good thing I get free maps from AAA.

Kristi said...

So sweet, thanks for sharing some unseen photos of Evan.

Amy said...

Coming back to say that that is really an astounding mess he made with the flour. I bet he had a great time with that!

Anonymous said...

The nonchalant look in the first three is hilarious... he's very "oh hi, I didn't know you were there!" -Sherrie