Thursday, January 31, 2008

Labor Day, Four Years Later

I'm a Mommy!

About this time (or maybe a little earlier, I forget) four years ago, I began feeling the first contractions that let us know that our first little nipper was on his way. There were lots of smiles and jokes. When I had a contraction, I would do that cat stretch thing, because it was all in my back. We called the grandparents-to-be with the exciting news. A few hours later there were a lot fewer smiles and lot more grimaces. The contractions were more intense, just not the "every five minutes" that would precede the telephone call to the doctor. We went to Target to kill time and buy some curtains. I lay on the bed while Justin drilled holes in the wall for the new curtain rods. I just kept thinking, "So loud. Want to sleep." Finally around 4pm I told Justin that I was ready to go to the hospital. We got there, and I got all hooked up to the fetal monitor. When the nurse asked if I wanted an epidural, there was no hesitation. I don't think I said, "Hell, yes!" But the sentiment was there! I was 3 cm dilated, so we weren't sent away...woohoo! We called the grandparents-to-be, and they arrived in an hour or so all excited. I walked around and sat in the rocking chair for as long as I could stand it, and finally got the epidural. They checked the dilation at that point, and it was 6cm. I thought, "Well, the rest should go pretty quickly. Maybe we'll have a January baby, afterall." When I suggested that to the doctor around 10pm, he said, "Probably not. Baby's like to come around 2 or 3 in the morning." Oh, and this was not my regular doctor, but the on call guy. I guess my doc had the weekend off for the Super Bowl. Strangely enough, the on call guy looks almost exactly like my doctor. And sure enough, around 2-2:30, I was fully dilated and "ready to push." The doctor asked what the estimated weight was. I said 7 or 7 and a half pounds. He thought that that size baby would be fine for delivery, considering my size. This was already a late night for all of us. We were all kind of hoping for a one hour push-a-thon, and have a baby. About three hours of pushing, getting help from the vacuum extractor, and lots of "I can't do this" feelings, Evan finally arrived. When his head emerged at 5:27am, the doctor said, "That's not the head of a 7lb baby!" They weighed him in at 8lbs 13 oz. We were very surprised. I kept hearing how huge he was compared to the other babies in the nursery. I didn't really see the others so much. I thought he looked tiny.

He already had those signature cheeks.

Sweet Little Evan


Amy said...

So, so cute. I love how the tiny hat won't stay on his giant head!

Anonymous said...

He is so cute!!


Anonymous said...

That picture of you is amazing! No woman should look this good after 17+ hours of laboring!!!

Betharoopie said...

What a sweet cutie! Hope you, Justin, and Duncan are feeling better, and I hope Duncan's wee hiney isn't as irritated any more... ;)

frogonthefly said...

We're thinking about ya'll.
Hope you get some rest and everyone gets well before number 3 arrives!

Pam said...

Ha! I'm amazed how good I looked for being awake for almost 24 hours, and in labor for around 20 hours of that time. I'll have to post Duncan's birth story in May. There's a picture of me giving my MIL the hairy eyeball, as my sister would say.

sherrie said...

Aw, so sweet! Are you going to do anything special today? Do you have any cute b-day pics or videos you can post? Wish he were here. *sigh*