Thursday, January 31, 2008


Duncan Trying His Best to Rip Open the Package

Yesterday I was surprised to find a package waiting for me from my good friend, Beth. According to Justin, Beth had mentioned sending a little "sumpin' sumpin'" in a comment on a post. "Did she say what it was?" I asked. "Nope." I opened the outer box (filled with those awful styrofoam peanuts...agh!) to find an inner box wrapped in Nickelodeon characters paper. Naturally, Duncan thought it was for him.

Mommy Stepping in to Help

I told him, "The package clearly has Mommy's name on it!" He gave me his best pre-teen "Whatever" look, and ripped away. I helped him along, and made sure his dirty little boy hands were several feet away before I actually reached into the box. Because I had an idea that my talented knitting buddy had been working on something special.

Hedgie Checking Out the Blankie

And I was right. Beth made this beautiful yellow blankie for little nipper 3! The little Hedgie was also one of her creations made especially for Duncan.

Thanks, Beth! It's gorgeous.


Betharoopie said...

Yay! It got there!!!

The one thing that knitting has taught me is that - no matter what your skill level - you can knit love, you can send love, across oceans if need be.

Take comfort in knowing that every stitch was filled with love from me to you. :)

PS - I hate those dreadful p-nuts, too, but I feel the need to re-use them whenever I can!

Anonymous said...

Beth that is a beautiful blanket!


Anonymous said...

Soft blanket, hedgehog snuggly guy, pregnant mommy, toddler. . .sounds like nap time for everyone!! What great presents!