Sunday, January 27, 2008

I'm Back on the Sofa Again

Well, most of the people who read this blog already know that I'm getting closer to being put on bedrest. At my 33 week appointment, my doctor checked out everything, and said the baby's head is "fully engaged," and my cervix is shortened. Which basically means the baby's in launch position. I didn't think the baby bump looked that low, but what do I know. I was afraid my doc's next words would be "bedrest." But he suggested putting my feet up a little more often, and keep aware of the Braxton Hicks contractions. If I have more than six an hour, call. The BH contractions are called practice contractions, and are described in all the books as painless and not strong enough to get things going. Huh! These are the contractions that got me to 3 cm dilated at 32 weeks pregnant with Duncan. Full term is considered 37+ weeks. So, I'm going on 35 weeks this week. I've got an appointment on Wednesday to see how things are going. I've definitely been having BH contractions, and sometimes pretty close to that 6/hr mark. I've only called the doctor once, and he said, "Up the amount of rest." So, here I am, back on the sofa again. I was there for four-five weeks the last pregnancy. No fun. I don't know how people on 3-4 months of bedrest manage. I'm hoping for at least a 37 weeker. So, that's just over two weeks. Maybe that'll give us enough time to choose a name! Any suggestions?


sherrie said...

What?!! I thought you had a name! I still think Annaliese would be nice... Family names include Pearl and Charity, both pretty names. Fingers crossed for 37 weeks, and THANK GOODNESS that would only be 2 weeks. Launch position, indeed!

Anonymous said...

Hey Pam! Peter and I have been eaves-droppers on your blog for some time now. Oh, I remember those last weeks!! Hang in there!
As far as names. . .how about Eva for a middle name? A little way for your little girl to be connected to the brother she never had the chance to meet.
You are never far from our thoughts and prayers. Best of luck with your launch date!
Kristin (and Pete) Newby

Betharoopie said...

You know, if you took up something like, oh, KNITTING, you'd be totally stoked about more time on the couch!

Totally kidding of course. Wishing you the best rest possible, sweetie!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Sherrie on Annaliese. It's a beautiful name. Joy for your Mom and my grandmother (Mema) may be an option. my other grandmother was Ruby and she did not like her name and was forever grateful to me as a child when I renamed her Ebie.. I however think Ruby is really a cute name. Heh - how about Justine? I bet ya'll already have a name and are just messing with us. Lala ps there is an Evirgiline in Beau's family (aunt Vir)

Mary Beth said...

Love the suggestion "Eva"-
Ty and I struggled selecting a name for Haley so I can understand your delay (or is this joke?) in finalizing a name.

Maybe you need to see her first?

Amy said...

Craig and I (well, mostly me) had to see Benjamin before we could agree on a name. It helped that after witnessing the labor, Craig was inclined to agree with whatever I picked!

(I like Joy.)

Sorry you have to keep your feet up. I know it's not easy with a toddler.

Pam said...

Good to hear from you Kristin and Pete (He's Peter to me, actually. Is that weird?) Still in France?

Sherrie and Beth,
sittin' in a tree,

We really don't have a name picked out. Why does every one always accuse me of fibbing about this? We decided in the hospital with Duncan, and it may be down to the wire with this one, too. We have some names we like, just not "the one."

Anonymous said...

No, I wouldn't say it is weird that you call him "Peter." I normally use the "r" also, unless I have been drinking or have to shout out the back door or some strange combination of the two!
Yeah, we are still in France. We are finishing our year in Provence (southern France) and are gearing to move in March to Normandy (along the English Channel). It has certainly been an adventure--mostly good! We have a web site if you want to check it out. . .
I hope that you have another couple weeks of pregnancy without tooo many restrictions! We'll be thinking about you!!

sherrie said...

I wasn't accusing you of fibbing, sorry if it seemed I was! I figured I either misunderstood or you changed your mind.

frogonthefly said...

How about Ella?

Pam said...

Please refrain from using last names on here. Unless, you choose to use your own last name.

Anonymous said...

How about Mary Elizabeth.