Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Four Years Ago Today

Me Very Pregnant with Evan

On this day four years ago I was disappointed. Depressed, even. My baby's due date had come, but my baby hadn't. Everyone was sure he would be early. My mom and mother in law called throughout the day to ask if I was in labor, which I thought was a little odd. Didn't they think I'd call them when it started? Did they think we'd keep it all a big secret, and yell, "Surprise!" after the fact? Who knows. All I knew was that I was ready, but the baby, obviously, was not. My doctor had started talking about inducing the following Monday, February 2nd. Did I want a Groundhog Day baby? Would a little boy like that his birthday coincided with a celebration where folks dressed up and waited for a prognosticating rodent? I just knew I would be pregnant forever...


Amy said...

I've been thinking about you this week.

That's one good thing about pregnancy, it never lasts forever!

Betharoopie said...

Much love and many hugs being sent to you, sweetie.

In fact, there might be a little sumpin-sumpin showing up on your doorstep here soon. I'm just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, one of our Lynchburg friends went into labor today--the first day of her 35th week. No word on whether the little guy has made his debut or not, but we are hoping for health and happiness--and for daddy to make it back in town for the arrival!
I hope you are hanging in (or out) there!