Saturday, January 19, 2008

Evan - Little Boy, Nice Guy

Evan Sees His Litte Brother for the First Time

Grandma and Grandpa got the call that Little Nipper 2 had arrived about 12:10am. Evan was staying with them and fast asleep at that hour. They discussed waking Evan up and coming to meet the new kid on the block, but decided to come in the morning. You can see the look of surprise and glee on Evan's face, when he met his brother Duncan.

Evan Checking Out the New Guy

Evan spent a lot of time gazing at Duncan in the early days. He probably wondered where this "brother" came from, and why he was so loud. Those first weeks were pretty tough. It was an adjustment for all of us. Evan had to learn to share his Mommy and Daddy, AND Grandparents. But once he got used to having a new little squirt around, even Evan was saying, "Isn't he cute?" about his new brother.

Evan Helping Daddy with Duncan's Diaper Change

Evan was always a good little helper. He wanted to help with fixing dinner, working on home improvment "projets," and, of course, cleaning up. Evan jumped right in with Duncan's diaper changes. He would run and find "Duncan's briefcase," and stand by ready to help, if he was needed.

Evan Making Sure Little Brother, Duncan, is OK

I left Evan and Duncan together once while I got ready. I came back, and Duncan was wailing. Evan was standing next to Duncan's bouncy chair saying, "It's ok, Duncan," and giving him a reassuring pat on the head. I was pleasantly surprised at the compassion shown by my two year old.

Evan ran into my bedroom as I was nursing Duncan one day. Something about Evan tearing into the room made Duncan look up and giggle. I said, "Evan, you made Duncan laugh!" Evan's eyes sparkled. He ran in again and again just to make his little brother laugh.

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sherrie said...

So sweet! What a little darling he was. I love the pictures, too.