Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Evan Gladly Downs a Chocolate Chip Cookie

The first time we gave Evan chocolate, he said, "MmmmMmmmm!" It was kind of a musical yummy sound that peaked in the middle. It was even dark chocolate! When I gave Evan a Hershey's kiss, I always unwrapped it for him. When I handed him a wrapped kiss for the first time, I thought, "He's seen me unwrap kisses before." In spite of his observant nature, we obviously did not eat Hershey's kisses often enough. Next thing I know, he's pulling the silver wrapper out of his mouth with a look on his face like, "That's not chocolate!" I belatedly told him to remove the wrapper next time. Grandma wanted to be the first one to give Evan M&M's, when he was about 15 months old. And, of course, they were a hit. While I was pregnant with Duncan, Evan and I picked up a bag of M&M's almost every time we went to the store. We shared them in the car on the way home. I'd pass him back two or three at a time. If I had a turn there might be a delay in getting the candy back to Evan. No worries. He'd sit there with his hand out waiting for me to deliver his prized candy. LaLa introduced hot chocolate to Evan during a visit. He came back home and expected it regularly, of course. I put it in a mug of his choice (always the one with the kitty cat), and a piece of ice, and piled on the marshmallows. Coincidentally, Evan did the exact same thing that I did when I was a kid. He got a spoon, and ate the marshmallows first. Sometimes he'd ask for more "mushrooms" for his "chocwat." He'd scoop them out, and then chug the drink. But the chocolate drink of choice was always "chocwat milk." He'd open the refrigerator, pull out the Hershey's chocolate syrup, and the milk jug, and place them on the counter. That was the sedate way of letting us know to fix him his favorite. Sometimes, he'd bang the chocolate syrup container and milk jug together like they were percussion instruments. Justin and I looked at each other with amusement and said, "I guess Evan wants some chocolate milk." Other chocolaty treats to be had were chocolate yogurt and the infrequent chocolate ice cream. Grandma and Grandpa say, fudgesicles were an extra special and, it seems, not so infrequent treat during Evan's visits there.

Christmas Chocolate Inspires Rockin' Tunes

Duncan also enjoys a nibble of chocolate now and again. We have a "My First Colors" book, and there are photos of chocolates on the "brown" page. Duncan points and says "Whazzat?" knowing exactly what "that" is. I say, "That's chocolate." And he says, "Mmm...Mmmm...Mmmm," with a little nod of his head. Less musical, more of a statement, "Oh yes, Mommy, chocolate is good!" He's been known to chug a cup of chocolate milk. I'm also continuing the tradition of sharing a bag of M&M's on the way home from the store. Unlike Evan, Duncan does not wait patiently for his M&M's. If I don't get his M's back there in a timely fashion, he lets me know! I haven't tried giving him a wrapped Hershey's kiss, yet, but I'm sure, just like big brother, he'll get the chocolate out one way or another.

Here's to another chocolaty year!

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