Tuesday, January 22, 2008

7 Things Revealed!- The Truth and the Half Truth!

Here's what's true and what's half true:

1. I do have two people from Kindergarten that I'm in touch with--TRUE!

2. I do love Scott Joplin, but I can't play ANY of his music on piano. Wish I could. So, I guess that's a HALF-TRUE!

3. Don't have a favorite piece of music--TRUE!

4. I did date a nephew of Alan Jackson a handful of times--TRUE!

5. I have a major in Music, but no minor. I probably could've gotten the geology minor with a few more classes. HALF-TRUE!

6. Shaun Cassidy did come to our town to film, no autographs, tho. HALF-TRUE!

7. I did break my arm on poor Blaise, and did yell "Geronimo!" The icky boy was named Mark something. TRUE!


sherrie said...

Hey, I did better than I thought I did! I thought there was just one lie, so I figured it was my memory that was faulty on the others!

Betharoopie said...

Awesome trip down memory lane. I think I'd have a MUCH more productive work day if we had a playescape in our courtyard here.

sherrie said...

Beth: thought you might like this. Now we just need to get Pam on the "ball".