Friday, December 28, 2007

Yum O!

There's a reason hardly anyone bothers with a diet during the holidays. It's because the food is so darn good. Justin was the Chef du jour on Christmas. He decided to grill the turkey on the charcoal grill (with mesquite bricks.) It was moist, it was tender, but it was also smoky. In a word...fabulous! It made for good sandwiches the next day, too. If we hadn't run out of meat already, we were planning to pull the meat and do some turkey BBQ. Mmmmm. Oh well. Maybe next year. One could probably do the traditional sides of mashed potatoes and green bean casserole, but we opted for brown rice and black eyed peas. Mom brought some sweet potatoes, yeast rolls, and these great little individual dressing muffins. Thanks Mom! I wasn't off the hook that day. I made an apple pie from scratch. Not that that was intended. I had planned to use a roll out pie crust from the store, but it was frozen solid, so I opted for a homemade crust. And I made it with butter. Oh yes, the real thing. And of course there's all the chocolate that Santa brought and the cookies that Mom brought. My friend brought over some peanut butter fudge today. Delish! Thanks, Kristi! So, I can safely say I haven't lost any weight lately. Not that I was trying to. Not a great idea when one is pregnant. (That may be a good lead-in to 10 Great Things about Being Pregnant!) But honestly, as I wolfed down that fourth piece of peanut butter fudge today, I could feel the cellulite growing. I might care after the New Year.


sherrie said...

Oh, yeah, smoked turkey! Mark's family would always smoke one of the turkeys for Thanksgiving, and it was so good I never even bothered with the other one! Glad the pie turned out well, too. Hey, how was the chocolate in the calendar, did you like it?

Pam said...

Yeah, it was good. Just not enough to share! I would split pieces with Duncan. And he got a freebie the day he got a shot. Poor little guy.