Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Under the Weather

We've had unusually mild weather here lately. I thought Duncan and I would be hitting the park every day to enjoy it. However, we've spent the last few days checking the thermometer, and wiping a runny nose. Yep, Duncan's sick. It's gorgeous outside, and we're stuck indoors. We have ventured out a time or two, and he seems to perk up, but we mostly are watching movies. Lots and lots of movies. Duncan was happy then cranky all day long. He just didn't seem himself. And the fever for the third day in a row was starting to scare me. We went back to the doctor's office again today to find that Duncan's cold had become the beginnings of an ear infection. I didn't used to fear fevers, and I didn't used to fear ear infections. However, when Evan contracted meningitis, the doctors suggested that it could have started as an undiagnosed ear infection. So, if we seem a tad paranoid about ear infections, you'll understand why. Anyway, it's good that we caught Duncan's ear infection right away. We're hoping that it'll be cleared up in a flash. In the meantime I'm re-establishing my relationship with Thomas the Tank Engine. Oh Thomas, how I've missed you! Here's hoping for a better tonight and tomorrow...and no cold for me!


Amy said...

Um, yeah, I'm paranoid about fevers and ear infections now too because of fevers. Totally understandable. I hope Duncan is better right away.

Amy said...

Uh, I meant to say, "I'm paranoid about fevers because of Evan." But you probably figured that out.

Pam said...

Justin suggested you should get your own fever checked out. Hee heh!

Rough night last night and this morning. Hopefully, today will go better.

Anonymous said...

I just heard from Nat. and her kids both have strep. She just got back from the Dr. hope Duncan is feeling better.

frogonthefly said...

Hope Duncan feels better soon so we can see him this weekend!
(Oh and you and Justin too!)