Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Duncan Using Me as a Lounge Chair

For some reason my family has decided that I shouldn't have any surprises for Christmas this year. True, I have an Amazon Wish List, so almost everything I get is something I asked for. So, I guess that's not too surprising. But the surprise is opening the package and then finding out what I got. Most folks typically will let a person open the present before they say, "We got you that book you wanted! See!" "Oh gee! Thanks Mom and Dad!"

Because my parents purchased one of my Amazon items from another store, they called to tell me to remove it from my list. I was clever enough to see where the conversation was headed, and was able to interject, "Tell Justin to remove it from the list!" before they had a chance to spoil it. My sister called Friday, and with no warning said, "Oh, I got you that CD off your list, but not from Amazon, so you should probably remove it. You know, so nobody else gets it for you." I said, "Thanks for the surprise!" Heavily laced with sarcasm, of course. You see, when Sherrie and I were little kids, I spoiled her Christmas surprise one year. I was present when one of our parents bought Sherrie a bear, and I spilled the beans. I wasn't a great secret keeper in those days, so I couldn't help myself. So is it plain revenge on Sherrie's part? Did the memory of that bear make her crack her knuckles and cackle with glee at the opportunity to get me back all these years later? Or do I just look like I don't like surprises?

Or was it just karma?


Mom said...

We didn't get you a book, yet. I think you will have a little surprise.Ha. Ha. (You look good as a lounge cushion.)

sherrie said...

I don't remember the bear, but I figured you'd rather not be surprised than have the hassle of returning something. Next time I'll just let you be hassled. Or just send you lumps of coal... HARRUMPH!

Pam said...

Next time, tell Justin! He can take care of the details, and there's still a surprise. Of course, you did surprise me with other gifties. So there!