Thursday, December 13, 2007

10 More Annoying Things During Pregnancy

I've now entered the Third Trimester. For some folks this is the time when they feel pretty good. The morning sickness has diminished or gone, the figure is distinctly that of a pregnant woman, and not of an extra large lunch. These are the pros! Some of the same annoyances linger on, like the belly rubbing and forgetfulness, but here are some new ones to add to the list.

10. Pregnancy seems to make other people forgetful, too. "When was the due date again?" is the most commonly repeated question by this lot.

9. There's a little person standing on my bladder!

8. There's a little person practicing her Judo moves on my insides. While this is kinda cool a lot of the time, sometimes it is painful. And I won't even go into trying to go to sleep with the inner Karate Kid!

7. People commenting on my size. "You're getting big!" "You're as big as a house!" And I've heard some people get asked if they're having twins. Agh!

6. Being tired all the time.

5. I know guys always get blamed for looking at a woman's boobs before making eye contact. When I'm preggers, I get the look at the belly, then up up up to, finally, the face. And it's everybody, not just guys.

4. Being nervous about how a new little one will make the older sib feel.

3. That "cute" pregnant waddle is more than likely caused by a painful condition called Sciatica. In other words, it hurts to walk.

2. Heartburn, even on good food like chocolate. Forget pizza and chili, unless I want to load up on Tums.

1. The feeling of dread as the day of labor approaches. For first timers it's scary, because they don't know what to expect. For those who have some labor experience, it's scary, because they do have an idea of what to expect!


Nat said...

Well, I for one actually looked forward to your number 1 annoying thing rather than feared/dreaded it-- despite the knowledge of searing pain. Of course this is mostly because it resovled all of those annoying things during pregnancy numbers 2-10.
Hang in there.
Hey, at least you have the top ten annoying things your husband/family does while you are in labor list and the top 10 list of annoying questions people ask about your newborn to look forward to.
See how I always help you see the silver lining?

Amy said...

Sigh. Yes. I remember all of that. Well, except the stuff about having an older child to worry about at the same time.

Eat lots of ice cream. That was my consolation for not getting to enjoy any other food on the planet. Milkshakes.

Amy said...

Look! You need this shirt!

If the link doesn't work, it's a maternity shirt that says, "YES I'm pregnant. NO you can't touch my stomach." And it has a hand with a slash through it.

Anonymous said...

but hey-you get a baby at the end. That's quite a prize