Monday, December 31, 2007

10 Great Things About Being Pregnant

10. Getting lots of positive attention. Sure, people do look at the belly with a weird sort of hypnotic gaze, but usually when they look up, they're smiling.

9. Shopping for super cute, tiny clothes. Who can resist those booties?

8. Other people want to give me stuff for the baby, whether it's clothes and toys their child used, to new presents. It's all good.

7. I get to gain weight, and not feel too guilty about it! Of course, there's always post-Christmas eater's remorse (I don't care what I said the other day!)

6. I'm usually so wiped out by the end of the day, I actually sleep pretty well most of the time. That will be a different story once the baby arrives!

5. For those of us who usually don't have 'em...big boobs!

4. Even though the kicking sometimes is a little annoying, it's mostly pretty neat. It's fun to touch my belly where the baby kicks. Seeing the kicks is also pretty cool, although it makes me look like I'm auditioning for the movie "Alien."

3. People tend to be a little more courteous and helpful.

2. Wondering what the baby will look like, if he/she will have a lot of hair, if she/he will be a crier, etc.

1. And, of course, the number one great thing about being pregnant is having a super cute little bundle of joy when the pregnancy is over.

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Nat said...

I for one cannot WAIT to meet super cute baby girl!
Hope these last weeks cruise blissfully by for you.:)