Monday, December 31, 2007

10 Great Things About Being Pregnant

10. Getting lots of positive attention. Sure, people do look at the belly with a weird sort of hypnotic gaze, but usually when they look up, they're smiling.

9. Shopping for super cute, tiny clothes. Who can resist those booties?

8. Other people want to give me stuff for the baby, whether it's clothes and toys their child used, to new presents. It's all good.

7. I get to gain weight, and not feel too guilty about it! Of course, there's always post-Christmas eater's remorse (I don't care what I said the other day!)

6. I'm usually so wiped out by the end of the day, I actually sleep pretty well most of the time. That will be a different story once the baby arrives!

5. For those of us who usually don't have 'em...big boobs!

4. Even though the kicking sometimes is a little annoying, it's mostly pretty neat. It's fun to touch my belly where the baby kicks. Seeing the kicks is also pretty cool, although it makes me look like I'm auditioning for the movie "Alien."

3. People tend to be a little more courteous and helpful.

2. Wondering what the baby will look like, if he/she will have a lot of hair, if she/he will be a crier, etc.

1. And, of course, the number one great thing about being pregnant is having a super cute little bundle of joy when the pregnancy is over.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Yum O!

There's a reason hardly anyone bothers with a diet during the holidays. It's because the food is so darn good. Justin was the Chef du jour on Christmas. He decided to grill the turkey on the charcoal grill (with mesquite bricks.) It was moist, it was tender, but it was also smoky. In a word...fabulous! It made for good sandwiches the next day, too. If we hadn't run out of meat already, we were planning to pull the meat and do some turkey BBQ. Mmmmm. Oh well. Maybe next year. One could probably do the traditional sides of mashed potatoes and green bean casserole, but we opted for brown rice and black eyed peas. Mom brought some sweet potatoes, yeast rolls, and these great little individual dressing muffins. Thanks Mom! I wasn't off the hook that day. I made an apple pie from scratch. Not that that was intended. I had planned to use a roll out pie crust from the store, but it was frozen solid, so I opted for a homemade crust. And I made it with butter. Oh yes, the real thing. And of course there's all the chocolate that Santa brought and the cookies that Mom brought. My friend brought over some peanut butter fudge today. Delish! Thanks, Kristi! So, I can safely say I haven't lost any weight lately. Not that I was trying to. Not a great idea when one is pregnant. (That may be a good lead-in to 10 Great Things about Being Pregnant!) But honestly, as I wolfed down that fourth piece of peanut butter fudge today, I could feel the cellulite growing. I might care after the New Year.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Wacky Week

Duncan's Christmas Card Photo

Why you may not get a Christmas card from me this year:

1. I've misplaced my address book. I had it last week, but I haven't seen it since. It's probably hanging out with #2.

2. Two boxes of Christmas cards have gone missing. So, I have roughly 28 cards.

3. You did not include a return address on your Christmas card (Mary Beth.) I sent out 22 cards in response to those who sent me one. Because those were the addresses I had!

4. You didn't send me a card. Not being vindictive here...this just goes back to the no address thing.

Duncan Kissing the Snowman

It's been a crazy week. I've been running around trying to get last minute Christmasy things done (like getting 40+ pictures printed for those dang cards!) On Tuesday Duncan and I attended the Christmas party at his school. It was fun. He looked super cute with his rosy cheeks. After a few hours and the cheeks were still rosy, however, we began to suspect Duncan may have Fifth Disease. So, basically Duncan looked like a porcelain doll for about 24 hours. He's seemed a little itchy, but overall it's a pretty mild virus. Unfortunately, there are potential consequences for the unborn baby. So, I went to have my blood tested. Most pregnant women have already had it, so chances of any problems are pretty small. I'm not too worried. I've felt frenzied all week with the illness and feeling like my pregnant brain could use some sort of reminder program. Sigh. Well, there's always the house cleaning to look forward to this weekend. Ha ha ha ha! If I don't post again before Christmas (and if you don't get a card!)

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Duncan Using Me as a Lounge Chair

For some reason my family has decided that I shouldn't have any surprises for Christmas this year. True, I have an Amazon Wish List, so almost everything I get is something I asked for. So, I guess that's not too surprising. But the surprise is opening the package and then finding out what I got. Most folks typically will let a person open the present before they say, "We got you that book you wanted! See!" "Oh gee! Thanks Mom and Dad!"

Because my parents purchased one of my Amazon items from another store, they called to tell me to remove it from my list. I was clever enough to see where the conversation was headed, and was able to interject, "Tell Justin to remove it from the list!" before they had a chance to spoil it. My sister called Friday, and with no warning said, "Oh, I got you that CD off your list, but not from Amazon, so you should probably remove it. You know, so nobody else gets it for you." I said, "Thanks for the surprise!" Heavily laced with sarcasm, of course. You see, when Sherrie and I were little kids, I spoiled her Christmas surprise one year. I was present when one of our parents bought Sherrie a bear, and I spilled the beans. I wasn't a great secret keeper in those days, so I couldn't help myself. So is it plain revenge on Sherrie's part? Did the memory of that bear make her crack her knuckles and cackle with glee at the opportunity to get me back all these years later? Or do I just look like I don't like surprises?

Or was it just karma?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

10 More Annoying Things During Pregnancy

I've now entered the Third Trimester. For some folks this is the time when they feel pretty good. The morning sickness has diminished or gone, the figure is distinctly that of a pregnant woman, and not of an extra large lunch. These are the pros! Some of the same annoyances linger on, like the belly rubbing and forgetfulness, but here are some new ones to add to the list.

10. Pregnancy seems to make other people forgetful, too. "When was the due date again?" is the most commonly repeated question by this lot.

9. There's a little person standing on my bladder!

8. There's a little person practicing her Judo moves on my insides. While this is kinda cool a lot of the time, sometimes it is painful. And I won't even go into trying to go to sleep with the inner Karate Kid!

7. People commenting on my size. "You're getting big!" "You're as big as a house!" And I've heard some people get asked if they're having twins. Agh!

6. Being tired all the time.

5. I know guys always get blamed for looking at a woman's boobs before making eye contact. When I'm preggers, I get the look at the belly, then up up up to, finally, the face. And it's everybody, not just guys.

4. Being nervous about how a new little one will make the older sib feel.

3. That "cute" pregnant waddle is more than likely caused by a painful condition called Sciatica. In other words, it hurts to walk.

2. Heartburn, even on good food like chocolate. Forget pizza and chili, unless I want to load up on Tums.

1. The feeling of dread as the day of labor approaches. For first timers it's scary, because they don't know what to expect. For those who have some labor experience, it's scary, because they do have an idea of what to expect!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Under the Weather

We've had unusually mild weather here lately. I thought Duncan and I would be hitting the park every day to enjoy it. However, we've spent the last few days checking the thermometer, and wiping a runny nose. Yep, Duncan's sick. It's gorgeous outside, and we're stuck indoors. We have ventured out a time or two, and he seems to perk up, but we mostly are watching movies. Lots and lots of movies. Duncan was happy then cranky all day long. He just didn't seem himself. And the fever for the third day in a row was starting to scare me. We went back to the doctor's office again today to find that Duncan's cold had become the beginnings of an ear infection. I didn't used to fear fevers, and I didn't used to fear ear infections. However, when Evan contracted meningitis, the doctors suggested that it could have started as an undiagnosed ear infection. So, if we seem a tad paranoid about ear infections, you'll understand why. Anyway, it's good that we caught Duncan's ear infection right away. We're hoping that it'll be cleared up in a flash. In the meantime I'm re-establishing my relationship with Thomas the Tank Engine. Oh Thomas, how I've missed you! Here's hoping for a better tonight and tomorrow...and no cold for me!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

It's Beginning to Smell a lot like Christmas

I understand why people use artificial Christmas trees. You don't have to water them, they're probably not allergenic, you don't have to buy one every year (although, they usually have to be replaced eventually.) Inhale. But they lack that one special quality. Fragrance. Sure, you can buy all the scented candles you want, but it's just not the same. Just walking down the aisles looking at the trees last night was enough to put me into an olfactory overload. Inhale. We picked out "our" tree, and brought him home. For me, the tree is always masculine. He's a part of the family, if only for a short time. Once we purchased a live Leyland Cypress, planted him in the ground after Christmas, and named him, "Leyland." We're very creative around here. We usually get cut trees, however. After the holidays are over, we take the tree to the next step in its become mulch. This year we have a Frasier Fir. Inhale. He hasn't been decorated, yet, but he still looks pretty wonderful. Something I'd really like to do one day is plant a living Christmas tree in the yard. One that doesn't get more than 10' tall or so, and decorate it. I love those birdseed ornaments. Wouldn't that be fun? Decorate for the holidays and feed the birds all at the same time. Inhale. I hope you're enjoying the scents of the season, too.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

It's the IRS Calling

Well, the darndest thing has occurred. We received a letter from the IRS the other day saying that a Social Security Number that we used as one of our dependents was also used by someone else on their Tax Return for 2006. I called Justin all freaked out. We double checked the number, and yes, it was Evan's SSN. Justin called the phone number on the letter. They told him that "it happens all the time and it's probably an honest mistake." Hopefully, someone just mixed up their numbers. Otherwise, we may have a jerk using our deceased little boy's social. It's pretty annoying. To think that someone may be taking advantage of a grieving family makes me pretty upset. Well, we just have to wait and find out. Sigh...

Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Problem with Advent Calendars

Growing up, my mom always made us Advent calendars. These are calendars that help a child (or adult!) count down the days till Christmas, starting on December 1st. There are different kinds of calendars. Some offer tasty treats each day, and some have 24 little ornaments for each day to decorate a little tree. Mom's always involved chocolate. The one I remember most was a Christmas tree made out of Hershey's kisses or those little mini candy bars. She'd glue the candies into a triangular shape onto construction paper in an appropriate Christmas color. Each day we would pluck a candy off and eat it. When Christmas came Mom would give us a special little present as part of the calendar. Nothing too fancy.

These yearly calendars hold a special place in my heart, and I wanted to pass on this tradition to my kids. In 2005 Justin and I purchased Evan a little truck with 25 drawers. In each drawer I placed a Hershey's kiss. On December 1st I presented Evan with his truck. He played with it till the wheels started to come off. He opened drawers. It was a lot of fun. However, I learned that an almost 2 year old really doesn't have a whole lot of self control. He didn't want just one Hershey's kiss. He wanted them all! I tried to explain waiting for one tomorrow, I tried bribing him with the secret stash in the kitchen. But Evan loved the thrill of finding each chocolate, and gobbling it up.

This year my sister and brother in law sent me an Advent calendar. It came on Thursday, which meant I couldn't rip it open until Saturday. Ugh! I somewhat patiently waited until Saturday, and had the first itty bitty chocolate. Too bad there aren't enough in there to share (sneaky grin.) Today there were actually two, so Justin and I had one a piece. Another chocolate fell out of the box, and before you could say "Merry Christmas" Duncan grabbed it, and started stuffing it in his mouth, wrapper and all (just like Evan when he tried his first Hershey's kiss!) I moaned about losing a chocolate, and then unwrapped it for him. I peeked in the box to see which day's chocolate had been lost. Christmas Day! Justin joked that we wouldn't have any chocolate that day (we usually have it in abundance!) It looks like I will have to purchase some supplemental chocolates to get the whole family through Advent!