Saturday, November 10, 2007

Two Peas in a Pod Revisited

Kids, as a rule, are not known for their superior table etiquette. The kitchen or dining room table often becomes a battleground between kids and their parents. "One more carrot, junior, and then you can play." We haven't had a lot of issues with getting our kids to eat. They've both been called "good eaters." Being a good eater, however, does not mean they're not messy. Check out these pictures of our good eaters.

Evan Needs a Little Snack, and Dives in to the Cheerios. You can't always wait for Mommy to get them for you, afterall!

Duncan Enjoying Sitting on Goldfish. Duncan's snacktime usually involves dumping everything out on the floor, playing with it, and then eating it.

Evan Loved Pasta. On this occasion Justin thought it would be better to serve Evan pasta with no shirt, rather than getting his clothes very messy.

Another Pasta Eater! Aha! We actually served pasta when Duncan was wearing red. How fortuitous. That red/orangey color is the devil to get out of clothes. It's a wonder we've gotten it off their little hands and faces!


Anonymous said...

Don't they look happy with all that sauce on their faces! They're cute as two peas, too. Grandma

Anonymous said...

of the two peas-I believe Evan's mess pales in comparison to Mr. Duncan. But he looks so thrilled with himself - I'd forgive any mess that little smiley boy made. Lala

sherrie said...

I've never seen anyone look so happy to be so messy as those two!