Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sweet Syrupy Goodness or, I Guess We'll be Doing Laundry Tonight

Well, the day hasn't been a total bust, after all. Sherrie's feeling better, although my head is starting to hurt. I got some new maternity clothes (fun!) I should have known that the little boy that's been so sweet all afternoon (sans nap!) would be up to his tricks again. I should have known that when I left Duncan alone for a minute or so AND he was so mysteriously quiet that something was up. I should preface this with the fact that Duncan has mastered not only doorknobs, but also lids. He obviously got the tricky "childproof" lid this morning. But he's pretty consistently opening caps and tops to all kinds of stuff. Mostly kitchen items. Today he discovered the sticky goodness of Karo syrup. I swear I turn around for one minute, and then all of a sudden the kid is covered in syrup. There was syrup all over the floor, and the bottle. He was quite a sticky mess. So, I managed to peel off the pants and socks that were soaked through, and clean up the floor. I wiped Duncan down. He was upset by the stickiness, but once he was clean, he was back at the lazy Susan looking for more. Sigh. Little boys.


Betharoopie said...

Bwah! All I can think of is...did you take a picture? ;)

My sister's daughter got into the vaseline when she was about Duncan's age. I thought slimy was bad...sticky is definitely worse.

sherrie said...

I don't know, Beth, at least Karo is water-soluble; Vaseline would be the devil to clean up.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was little girls who were Sugar and spice and all things nice. Duncan's supposed to stick to snails and puppy dog tails. lala

Pam said...

I think the snakes and snails thing needs to be updated to include all of the things the modern little boy likes.

No, we didn't get a picture. Karo syrup is clear, and it may not have been picked up on the camera. he seemed upset to be so sticky, so I just wanted to clean him up!