Sunday, November 11, 2007

Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

That's what old fashioned little boys are made of. But what about the Modern Little Boy? Snakes are slithery, snails are slimy, and puppy dog tails are wiggly. Sounds just like Duncan, actually. But I think there's more to the Modern Little Boy. Once Justin and Evan were climbing the hill in our backyard, and Evan was listing off some of his favorite things, "Grapes, cheese, lawnmowers...."

Evan with His Beloved "MawMower"

Lawn mowers, in fact, any landscaping equipment should be included in a description of the Modern Little Boy. Evan was enraptured with Pop's leaf blower, and told him, "That's a cool blower!" He admired his Daddy's form when he was "workin' the rake." And Evan could dig and water with the best of them with his own little shovel and watering can.

Duncan Getting some Important Measurements

In my experience the Modern Little Boy is also made of tools. Evan was quite the Tool Guy, and his little brother is showing an interest in tools, as well. Evan and Duncan both do very convincing sound effects for electric tools, they show a knowledge of how hand tools work (especially the hammer--watch out!), and they are mesmerized when any sort of project is going on in our house (when is it not?!)

Duncan on His Slide

And last, but certainly not least, is playtime. I guess that could go under the Puppy Dog Tail category, but let's not ruin it. Whether they're sliding, swinging, running with reckless abandon at the park, or splashing in the pool, the Modern Little Boy loves to play.

Evan, Our Little Fish

Lawnmowers and Tools and Playgrounds and Pools. That's what little modern boys are made of!


sherrie said...

I thought it was "snips and snails and puppy-dog's tails," snips fitting handily in the tools category... ;-)

*Great* pictures, at any rate!

Pam said...

According to Wikipedia, snakes is a common substitute. As are slugs, frogs, and even snaps. It mentions that some think that the original was "snips of snails." Like little pieces of snails. Snakes are definitely better that snail bits.

A Note From DEW: said...

Hooray for little boys!!

sherrie said...

Snips OF snails?!! Eeeeeeew!

Grandma said...

They sure do love being outside. I think that's almost the first word they well as learning to point in that direction. I agree, hooray for little boys...little ones in general.