Sunday, November 18, 2007


Evan Joining in on a Duet

I've been practicing more lately in preparation for a couple of church music programs in December. I feel like I'm finally starting to sound good again. I haven't devoted much time to the flute, because I haven't had any gigs. And, honestly, I can't say that my heart's been in it until now. It's nice to have something to work have a goal. I've even been doing all the boring long tones and scales in addition to "real music." Evan and Duncan both like my playing. They both try to play the recorder (note to Santa.) Once when I was practicing, I heard some music, and Evan came running in with his musical drum. It plays steel drum versions of a few nursery songs. He beat the drum, and I played flute. It was a lot of fun. Duncan is more of a dancer. He can cut a rug to any kind of music. He likes to show his appreciation for music, too. He claps his hands at the end of a piece/song on the radio. Sometimes after I finish a piece, I can hear his little claps upstairs for me!

Duncan Tolerating Mommy

It's interesting the variety of music that toddlers seem to enjoy. Mine like the usual nursery songs, but also popular music, and even jazz. Evan had specific music that he liked to jump to. He called it "jumping minkits." And the music for extreme jumping was "big jumping minkits." He was very particular about what he wanted to hear. Justin would play a little bit of a song, and ask "Is this big jumping minkits?" Evan would shake his head, until Justin found the right song. When Evan talked about music, he said, "musit." We had recently listened to some Gershwin songs sung by Ella Fitzgerald, when I put in a CD of Renaissance music. I asked Evan if he liked it. He said, "Put on Ella Fitzgerald!" Although, he did seem interested in the Telemann Baroque CD I played for him later. He would often ask "What's this musit?" if he was interested in what was playing. Duncan also seems to like a variety of music. He likes Coldplay, REM, U2. I think he can dance to about anything. There was some country song about a girl loving this guy's tractor, and Duncan was really getting down. And I already mentioned the head banging that was done at the Pumpkin Patch to classic rock.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my musical boys. I can't help but have visions of having a kid in the band. Oh the memories!

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