Saturday, November 24, 2007


Evan Enjoying a Good Book

One year ago today our little boy lost the battle with Bacterial Meningitis and Septicemia. I have shared some of our favorite memories of Evan over the past months. Today on the first anniversary of Evan's death, we'd like to hear some of your favorite memories.


grandpaw said...

We were taking Evan home after a visit. When we got to his street, I asked Evan,"Evan, do you know where you are?" "Yes" He answered. "Where" I asked. He patted himself on the chest and said " I'm right here".

Grandma said...

One day we took Evan shopping to Tuesday Morning. I picked up a Christmas ornament an was looking at it. Evan pointed to the shelf and said, "Put it back, put it back."
Another day I put him down for a reluctant nap in his room. I stayed in the guest room next door. He said, "You stay in there and read a book." After a few minutes of quiet, he peeked around the corner to make sure I was still there. He just grinned and went back to his bed.
Sometimes Evan would knock something over while playing. Then he would throw his hands out and smile and say, "What happened?"

Anonymous said...

once, when I was helping with Evan when you (Pam) were on bedrest with your Duncan pregnancy, Evan and I were on the way to target for a little shopping trip. He was fascinated with my sunroof which opened to the sky right above his head as we drove along. But I think the mechanics of it opening and closing were more interesting to him than actually having it open. As soon as I opened it he would announce "Do it Again" So I would close it. Then immediately I'd hear "Do it again". And so it went for the entire time he was in my car after that. Any trip to the park, or anywhere-as soon as we embarked I'd hear from the back seat "Do it again" and I'd know that was my signal to begin the opening and closing of the sun roof. He never tired of it.

Anonymous said...

oh I have another one- Evan happened to visit at the same time as Beau. This was when he was pretty little. He and Beau were in the back, both in carseats. I had no idea how this was going to work since Beau was quite a handful at that age. Beau had a few of his little cars and Evan had a little car too. I was so happy to see the boys exchanging their cars with one another. They would each look at the car they happened to have at the moment, then offer it over in exchange. I remember being so amazed at how they shared so willingly with one another. (Not what I thought would happen at all) We went to Starbucks that day and I think Evan got his first cup of coffee, which was actually a kid's hot chocolate. He immediately announced his approval of the "coffee". We had a bit of it all over the back of the car but to see the enjoyment on his face was worth the cleanup.

Kristi said...

I think my favorite memories of Evan will have to come from our times together playing at the park. I loved seeing his little feet haul boogie across the field at Ronald Regan. He was so free and just ready to run. I remember one of our last play dates together, Kennan had brought his bat and ball and Evan couldn't wait to get a hold of that bat. It was his turn and you know what he did, grabbed it and ran!! It was great. I see a happy smiley boy running though the park when I think of Evan.
Much love.

Anonymous said...

I loved how Evan would jam on Brittney's Elmo guitar and groove with his whole body!

Grandpaw said...

When Pam was on bed rest, Kristi invited Evan and me to the park in Grayson so Kennan and Evan could play. They would play on the slide , the swings and run to and fro in the park. Once when Kennan was playing on the slide, Evan said to him "Be careful, Kennan". I thought he was really cute and caring.