Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Christmas Wishes

Duncan Checking out the Tree on Christmas 2006

Evan Playing with His Front End Loader on Christmas Day 2005

This time last year I was bubbling over with excitement. I had already sneakily purchased Evan some Thomas track and a play table, and I was planning on getting some engines. I had also picked up a toddler digital camera, because Evan loved to take pictures (more on this later.) I've already mentioned that Evan had a running list of things he was planning to ask Santa for Christmas. And as Santa's elf, my ears were open.

The holidays aren't just about home baked cookies, pies, and church activities. They're also about finding ways to celebrate your very own traditions. When I looked for Evan's first stocking, I was sorely disappointed in the selection available. I decided to make him one myself. Keeping with the tradition, I also made Duncan's...and just barely got it out in time for Santa! Evan's is red felt with a white bear (just like his Bear Bear!) Duncan's is green felt with a gingerbread boy. Last year, I was thinking of purchasing Evan a slightly larger stocking from Pottery Barn Kids for his Big Kid stocking. They have some really cute quilted ones with a train, Santa, a snowman, you name it. I thought Evan might like the train stocking. One day I asked him which stocking he would like for Christmas. He looked at the pages in the catalog, pointed to a picture, and said, "I want the big sock." I looked at the catalog. He was pointing to the picture of a little girl holding a stocking almost as big as she was! I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that he wanted the "sock" that could hold that much more stuff! Smart kid.

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sherrie said...

Very smart, and sneaky! That's a nice stocking, too, and with the advent calendar it would be really fun.