Monday, October 29, 2007

Top 10 Annoying Things During Pregnancy

This list really should be the top 100, because if you're like me, everything annoys you during pregnancy!

10. People who loved being pregnant. (Who are these people anyway?!)

9. "Helpful" advice from nearly everyone...even strangers.

8. Moodiness (this is probably Justin's #1 annoying thing about pregnancy!)

7. People who say, "Oh, I hope it's a girl (or boy)!" with glee or sometimes even vindictiveness. What they should say is, "I hope it's what you want it to be." Because seriously, it's our baby, not your's.

6. Morning sickness. Especially when it never seems to go away!

5. Not being able to take "the good stuff" for migraines.

4. Being constantly worried about something going wrong.

3. Gaining weight. And the people who tell you, "You're showing!" No kidding. I've got at least one mirror in my house!

2. What was it again...oh yeah, Forgetfulness.

1. People, even perfect strangers, wanting to rub my belly. There ain't no genie in there!! Remember, pregnant women have feelings, too. Ask for permission to touch a person's belly.


Betharoopie said...

Woohoo! Bravo to getting this off your chest! :)

It was great seeing you this weekend, sweetie!!!

Amy said...

You tell 'em sister!

...While I hated (hated!) being pregnant, there is one thing I did love. I loved having a totally valid excuse for having my belly hanging way out in front of me.

Nat said...

I'm not touching you I'm not touching you I'm not touching you, I'm not touching you I'm not touching you I'm not touching you I'm not touching you...

Erin said...

Being 6 months pregnant, I say amen to the entire list.

Kate said...

I think this is hilarious. I am 4 months pregnant and as I was looking for research on overexertion, I came across your blog and read the one that says, worrying somethings always going to go wrong, and I laughed and canceled my search. AMEN! I give up, pregnancy aint that great, and I am ok with it too, well as much as I can be, especially knowing Im not the only one that feels the same way!! Loved this entry!!! Thanks for the laugh!!!