Friday, October 19, 2007

October Bloom Day - a few days late

"Real" garden bloggers share photos of their blooms on the 15th of each month. I missed bloom day, but I'd like to share what's blooming anyhow.

The Intoxicatingly Beautiful Spider Lily

I got a couple Spider lilies in a plant trade a few years back. Nothing ever happened, so I just figured I had lost them. A couple of weeks ago (so, not technically a bloom day plant, but oh so pretty!), Duncan and I were playing in Evan's room. I looked out the window, and saw something that looked like a red bloom in the backyard. I thought to myself, "What on Earth is that?!" I went to get the binoculars, and was very pleasantly surprised by the lily buds. The first one to come into flower was destroyed by our little Godzilla, but he left the others alone. At least, long enough for me to get this photo!

Dahlia Dark Angel "American Pie"

I just picked a couple of these up at the Home Depot Landscape Supply. They're going out of business, so there are all kinds of plants on sale to put me in the poorhouse. It's only supposed to get to 2-3 ft. The bumblebees have been regular visitors. Love that dark foliage, especially with the pink flowers. I placed these in my front little garden beds. I'm going for a more drought tolerant and decidedly pink theme next year.

Not a great photo of Swamp Sunflower, Solidago "Fireworks," and a Ginger

The Solidago has really put on a show this year. Too bad I can't seem to capture it on film!

Chelone, aka Turtlehead

The little pink flowers resemble little turtle heads. This is a native fall blooming perennial. It's got great dark foliage and those fantastic, but unusual blooms. Love it!

Dahlia "Evan Matthew"

My Dahlias are still blooming away. I've been very pleased with all of the blooms. I have to write a note for myself for next year, though...stake the Dahlias! This one and my Alpen Diamond are lying all over the ground. So, I need to find a pretty trellis for each. I think then they'll really be spectacular.

After this shot my camera battery died. I was trying to get a picture of another native, Jewel Weed. Oh well. The good news is we're getting rain this morning! In fact, that's why I'm up this early. A brief, hard shower woke me up, and I couldn't get back to sleep. I hope Duncan wants a nap later, because I will really need one!


sherrie said...

Beautiful! I've been canning and pickling, and trying my hand at fermented pickles- pepperoncini and cayennes for hot sauce. The only thing blooming here are the Jerusalem artichokes and tickseed, and surprisingly there's not been a frost yet.

Amy said...

I love the Dahlia! Not so much that spider lily, because it looks a little too spiderish for my comfort.

I have been awful with my flower beds this year. Last year, I weeded them like every other day, made sure I kept up on the mulch, watered them almost every evening, used Miracle Grow every ten days, blah blah blah. This year... I honestly don't think I've weeded them since early June, (Amazingly, they aren't over run by weeds!) that was the last time I put down mulch. And I didn't even buy Miracle Grow this year. I don't know what my problem is. Next year, I'll do better, because it definitely looks better when you put effort into it. Surprise!

Pam said...

I worked hard in the spring/early summer. But then it was so darn hot and dry, I didn't get out much from June through September. I've just lately gotten to work again. I also don't weed as much as I should.

My problem is that I like individual plants, but I don't have the knack of placing things together. Design, in other words. I feel I may get something right through trial and error eventually!