Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Look Out Folks, She's Back!

It's finally cooled off enough for me to get outside and start digging in the yard again, and boy does it feel good. The relentless heat and lack of rain this summer (plus having morning sickness, etc., etc.) really did a number on me physically and mentally. Duncan and I would go out to play in the yard, but I never got my hands dirty. Well, Monday evening Justin and I did some planting, and Duncan did some digging. I really have missed the joy of planting things and digging stuff up and moving it around. Gardening has been a sort of therapy since Evan died, and I didn't get any treatments all summer. Of course, considering we are still experiencing one of the worst droughts on record, I have to water in different ways. I can't drag out the hose this time. I have to be more water wise. So, I've been collecting the condensation from the AC and the grey water from the shower warming up. I do all this collecting in buckets and Duncan's pails. Then I lug them around to the various plants in need. Not as easy as using the hose, but at least I'm conserving water, and that's pretty cool. I'm thinking I'll put a couple of rain barrels on my Christmas wish list this year. Hint Hint. I'm also trying to choose more drought tolerant plants. No, I don't have cacti and Agave (although Agaves are really cool!) all over the place. There are lots of flowering perennials out there that can take brutal summers. Also, it doesn't help that some local stores are having drastic price cuts on a lot of plants. Even with all the extra effort this time, the joy is there. I just need to do it every day!

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Anonymous said...

yes you do! plant Pam, plant. That dirt is healing stuff. lala