Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Here are some photos of our little "Dread Pirate Duncan."

We had a hard time rounding Duncan up to go trick or treating. He mostly just wanted to play in the yard. Even tempting him with going to see the neighbor's dog didn't work. Somehow we finally coaxed Duncan out of our yard and into a neighbor's.

Duncan approaches the door. He scored lots of great candy, even though he never said "Trick or Treat." The waving bye bye made up for it.

Duncan found a seemingly innocent "rock" at one neighbor's, and pressed the button on top. It made some weird, scary sounds. He looked at it for a bit...then his little face started to fall, and he began to cry. With some hugs and kisses, Duncan moved on to the next house for more treats. He was getting the hang of it now.

Our tired little pirate.

Our pumpkins. Mine is the carved ghostly one, Evan's is Frankenstein, and Duncan's is the Pumpkin Pirate, of course!


Amy said...

Duncan's so cute! I love the hat. Nice pumpkins, too. The painting looks really cool. Where's Justin's pumpkin? :)

I'm impressed with your make-your-own firefighter costume from your previous post, too. It looks really good. I can never think of how to do things like that.

Pam said...

Justin wasn't feeling well, so he didn't go to the pumpkin patch. I called and asked him if he wanted me to pick one up for him, and he basically said don't bother. He felt poorly through Tuesday, so he probably wouldn't have carved one anyway.

sherrie said...

Poor Justin, I hope he's feeling better. And I agree, Duncan is a big bundle of cute!