Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Guy and the Dog

Last fall Evan found a couple of VHS tapes of Wallace and Gromit. These are wonderful short claymation type films. The story lines evoke memories of Alfred Hitchcock films, although with more humor, and clay characters! I think the first movie we watched was "The Wrong Trousers." Evan loved it, and wanted to watch it again and again. Next we watched "A Close Shave." Then I remembered I had these and "A Grand Day Out" on DVD. So, Evan started to request "The Guy and the Dog" (what he called Wallace and Gromit) on a daily basis. The menu would come up on the DVD, and we'd have to decide which movie to watch. When we watched "The Wrong Trousers," I kept insisting that the strange pants that Wallace had invented were called trousers. Evan insisted equally hard that they were "Leggerthings." We'd get in a battle of words, and end up with the giggles. When Evan wanted to request "A Grand Day Out," he cried out "Let's watch the one with the sheen!" "The Sheen" was a robot that Wallace and Gromit encounter on their day out to the moon (in search of cheese, of course!) The Sheen was Evan's word for machine. Evan also noticed what was going on in the background. In one film there are three decorative rockets on Wallace's wall. Evan noticed this and tried to recreate it with his fishies in the bath tub. He lined them up exactly like in the movie. I guess Evan summed it up best when he woke up in the middle of the night, and said to Justin, "Movies are fun." then went right back to sleep.


sherrie said...

He had great taste, those are great! Did you ever show him "Creature Comforts"?

Pam said...

Nope. I don't own "Creature Comforts." I've only seen it once, and that was at the Tate Center. I like the movies better.

sherrie said...

"Creature Comforts" was super cute, and kids love animals. They've since turned it into a series(two, actually, one British, one US) though apparently it didn't do very well. I never heard about it until after it was canceled, so marketing obviously didn't do its thing. I bet the DVD would be worth checking out at the library/via netflix, though.