Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Firefighter Evan

Firefighter Evan Getting His Shoes Tied

Last year Evan dressed up as a firefighter for Halloween. Before the big day we found a flashing light and siren to go on his ride to make it like a real firetruck. I told a few other parents about it. Evan was obviously listening, because I heard him talking about it. "Then we'll put the siren and the light on my wagon, like a firetruck...."

Evan in His Firetruck

After taking a late nap, I pulled out the khaki coat and pants, and started to wrap some yellow duct tape around the wrists, ankles, chest, and waist. Evan was eager to help. I whipped out the glue stick, and he applied the glue and we both glued on the iridescent Christmas ribbon on top of the duct tape to give it that "real" firefighter look. I was so proud of Evan for jumping right in and helping. Then we topped off the ensemble with a red firefighter helmet from the yummy Firehouse Subs.

At first Evan wasn't so sure about this trick or treating business. Daddy took him to a couple of houses, and Evan softly knocked on the door. When it was opened, he didn't say trick or treat. He just stood there like, "Ummm...not sure what comes next." He was, however, pleasantly surprised by the handfuls of candy that he got. He turned to Justin and said excitedly, "Let's go see some more ladies!" All of the people handing out candy were mommies and grandmas. I guess all the daddies were out on trick or treat duty.

Evan After a Tough Battle Fighting Fires...and Trick or Treating

After touring the block, Daddy and Evan came home with Evan's treats. And we dug in. Yes, there were just too many candies in there that were choking hazards, so somebody had to eat them!


sherrie said...

Chocolate is always a terrible choking hazard ;-)

Pam said...

you said it!

Mark said...

I've seen both of you "choke down" chocolate before. The only hazard is avoiding being elbowed if you're standing in front of the bowl!

Pam said...

Believe it ot not, I'm actually regretting some of the chocolate I ate last night. Tummy ache!

sherrie said...

Too bad, because I still have some AND we bought some more! Mwahaha! (and mwah, too!)