Monday, October 15, 2007


Last Tuesday I went to my doctor's office, because I thought I might be having symptoms of an infection. Their initial findings were negative, but they would send my lab work to the real lab for official results. I was supposed to hear back in a couple of days. In the meantime they gave me a prescription for antibiotics, and encouraged me to go ahead and start them, "just in case." So, I got the prescription filled, and started the antibiotics. And, of course, the top side effect is an upset stomach. So, I've been feeling like crap since Tuesday. I called the office on Friday to see if the results were in, and they weren't. The nurse will call them and get a FAX and call me back. I waited two hours and called back at 4:15. I didn't want to let the end of the work day sneak up and not have an answer. The nurse "hadn't had time to make the call, but she'll call you before 5." Well, she didn't. So, I got the call about 10 minutes ago. Not from the nurse, but the front desk woman who I'd talked to on Friday. And, of course, the results were negative. So, on the seventh day of a seven day course of antibiotics, I get the news that I didn't need them afterall. I thought I might yell at the nurse if she had called, but I didn't feel like it was the front desk person's fault. So, no yelling. Now what?

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Amy said...

call the nurse today and cry. maybe that will make her feel bad. I think crying works better than yelling!