Friday, October 5, 2007

Christmas is in the Air

Well, not really. It's still in the low to mid 80's around here, but I did purchase my first Christmas present for this year. So, I feel like the Christmas shopping season has begun. I always try to spread the spending over a few months, so I don't end up with an outrageous bill in January. And if I already know what I want to get someone, why not go ahead and get it? The item I purchased was the only one left in stock, according to Amazon, so I decided to make the grab. I mean, who knows when the item will be in stock again?

Evan showing off his Thomas the Tank Engine Tattoo

Thinking about Christmas brings back some fun memories from about this time last year. Evan, like most little boys (and some little girls) his age was obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine. We watched the movies over and over as a family. He knew all of the engines by sight. He had a couple of little engines he played with. In fact, Justin told me that one time Evan was playing with Big Thomas (a larger push and go toy) and a couple of the small engines. Evan pushed the two small engines toward Big Thomas, and said, "Hey Thomas, whatchya doin'?" And Big Thomas says, "Oh, I'm just..." Justin doesn't remember what Evan said, but he was very impressed with Evan's pretending skills. Well, last year every time we went down the Thomas aisle at Target, Evan would stop and play with the display, and talk about all of the engines he wanted. I started to tell him that he'd have to ask Santa for his heart's desire for Christmas. Sneaky mommy that I am, I started looking on Ebay and Craigslist for some engines with tracks and even a play table. I found one locally and purchased it. I was also secretly looking for the Thomas figures that I knew Evan liked. One day I asked Evan, "So, what are you going to ask Santa for for Christmas?" And, to my surprise, he started listing things off, "I'm going to ask for Cranky, Thomas...." I was looking forward to taking Evan to see Santa at the mall to find out if he would actually ask for what he wanted, or get stage fright.


Anonymous said...

How is our family going to do this?
Duncan and you were really wonderful in the wedding. Thank you for letting him do it and you for being there. it meant a lot to me to see all of you together. Love Lala (I suppose that's how we'll get through these upcoming holidays-together)

Anonymous said...

What a nice post. I always love seeing photos of Evan. Thanks for sharing a sweet memory.

Mary Beth said...

ditto Kristi- I love seeing the pics of Evan too.

Much love Pammy