Friday, September 7, 2007

What a Week!

Our little hacker at work

Duncan had a busy week of climbing tables, chairs, and stairs. He also learned how to open the door to my closet. Granted, the closet door knobs are easier to manipulate than, say, the doors to the outside, but this has kind of sent us in a panic. Many of the important doorknobs have covers over them. But if this kid is as smart as his big brother (which appears to be the case), he'll figure out how to open the doors with covers on eventually. Duncan also seems to figure out how to make something seemingly innocuous become a hazard. Justin carefully removed the workings of a pen and handed it over to Duncan, who immediately ran to the nearest outlet (the ONE that's not covered!) and starts poking the pen in it. We traded the pen for something safer, but not without some loud complaints from the boy. Duncan has also done some impromptu stripteases this week. He's decided that the diaper is keeping him from exposing himself in all of his naked glory. Tonight he ripped it off and handed it over to me, his adoring fan! Yikes! I've been under the weather all week. Hopefully, next week I'll be in better shape to steer my little monkey man in a safe and preferably clothed direction.

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Anonymous said...

he gets that striptease move from his aunt Pookie! We resorted to duct tape because the diapers then would not retape and those suckers were pricey. I would suggest you start a little bank account to take care of various repairs around the house if he displays any more Pookie traits. She was a little destructo. Be alert to any strange plumbing repairs resulting in falling ceilings.Stock up on cell phones-he'll go through many-