Monday, September 17, 2007


Evan doing The Fly

As I listen to Duncan saying "Wat Dat?" all day long, I think back to Evan's first words. When Evan was about 15/16 months, he created Dagaboo (Dah-GAH-boo). He would point at an item of interest and say, "Dagaboo!" We figured out that this meant, "I want that." Dagaboo merged into Zow, but it was still probably considered a more caveman form of language. Point and grunt, or in this case say Dagaboo. When Evan started adding real words to his vocabulary, he often used the article "the" in front of them. Most of these words were verbs. Now he would point and say, "The Want!" when he wanted something. He also inadvertently was giving us a warning of coming behavior with "The Climb!" when he wanted to climb on something. Anytime Justin would lift Evan up on his shoulders or feet it was The Fly. The request to do this was something like, "Daddy, The Fly!" I think Justin's favorite (because he is a guy, afterall) was after he told Evan that he had had a toot. And Evan said, "The Toot!" with much excitement.


Mary Beth said...

Great picture of the little man. What a cutie pie.

grandma said...

Those two boys sure are happy fliers.