Saturday, September 29, 2007

Red Flag Warning

Much of the state is now considered to be in an exceptional drought, and at least the northern half has been put on a complete watering ban. So much for my gardens! Today the northern half of the state has a red flag warning. This means conditions are right for fires--it's dry as a bone and there's a gusty wind.

Last night we attended the rehearsal for Justin's sister's wedding. We were standing around in the dark, amused because the minister couldn't see her notes. I asked what sort of lighting there would be. I was told they will have tiki torches lit, and a great big bonfire set up just beyone the wedding party. So my first concern is that my inlaws may set their neighborhood on fire. But my greatest concern (the one that was there before I heard about the red flag warning) is about Duncan making a mad dash at the bonfire. He's one of the two ring bearers. The other is his cousin, Beau. Beau is super sweet and has a little bit of a wild streak. He and Duncan had lots of fun chasing each other around last night. The two ringbearers are supposed to walk down the aisle with the matron of honor, Natalie (Justin's other sister.) She'll be holding their hands. Then the boys (4 and 16 months) are supposed to wait until the father of the bride gives the bride to the groom, and then he'll take the boys with him. Natalie (and I) don't think Duncan will stand patiently that long. So, there's really not a plan for Duncan. Last night there was talk of the boys going to their own fathers who are not in the wedding. No one knew quite how that would happen, either. I keep thinking of that Gary Larsen cartoon where a guy is doing a math problem and he's written "a miracle happens" for the work, and then an answer. I suppose Justin may just have to step in a make the grab. I keep picturing myself doing a Bionic Woman sort of feat and saving Duncan from the bonfire. Does someone else's wedding need to be this stressful for me (and Justin)? I just hope we won't have to call 911 tonight!

Have a great wedding, Pookie, and more importantly a great marriage!

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