Sunday, September 30, 2007

No Worries

The wedding last night was beautiful. Wes and Sarah are official now. Woohoo! Nothing was set on fire, and Duncan did great. He ambled slowly down the aisle with the matron of honor, stopping to look back at the guitarist. He got down the aisle to me, then turned directly around and went back up waving along the way. It was like he was the little king, and we were his subjects. Thankfully, Justin was at hand, so Duncan ran to him. Whew! Unfortunately, we were too busy to take pictures, so we'll have to rely on the pros. I wish someone had gotten some pics of Duncan waving at everyone. He was really in his element. So, two late nights for the little king. He didn't fuss or get cranky. He really enjoyed the attention, and staying up late. Tonight we plan on getting back to schedule. That should be fun.


Amy said...

I knew it would be ok! Weddings are like that -- lots of worry before hand, and lots of fun during! Congrats to your sister in law!

Mary Beth said...