Thursday, September 27, 2007


I'm totally obsessed with this season's Top Chef. The drama, the high stakes, the food, the egos! The finale is next week, and I keep wondering who the winner will be. I feel like the viewer is finally getting to know the personalities of the contestants here at the end, which makes choosing a favorite tougher. While I wait for next Wednesday's episode, I've been watching episodes from the other Top Chef shows. Of course, already knowing who won kind of spoils the surprise, but it's still fun to watch the excitement in the kitchen. Funny, because I'm totally not a great cook. Justin is the one who experiments and throws things together. I'm the one that has to have the cookbook open. I don't have enough confidence in my cooking to stray too far from the pages.

I'm also hooked on the Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. LaLa this is totally your fault. I started reading a few weeks back when they were giving pregnancy tests for all of the female cows. Being pregnant myself with a touch of morning sickness (just a touch?!), those first few posts had me queasy. Well, she's moved on to telling the Harlequin romance of the meeting of her hubby, aka Marlboro Man. She really knows how to draw a story out. She's also an incredible photographer.

And tonight I'll be saying "Sayonara Grey's Anatomy" and "Helloooooo The Office!" I was hooked on Grey's for awhile, but honestly, I'm sick of all of the passive aggressive "love" stories. There were a few episodes where people were in ICU and on life support and what not, and I decided I had enough of that in real life, and wanted something funny. So, Justin and I have watched the first three seasons of the Office this summer on DVD, and now we're hooked!

Braves, I guess you're on your own tonight. Happy TV watching everybody!


Betharoopie said...

Bwah! I feel the same about G.A. I'm just about to give up on it - will give this next season a chance, though.

I watched the BBC office and enjoyed it, so I was eager to watch the American version. LOVE IT. Looking forward to the new season.

Mary Beth said...

you know Pam, I'm with you. I got tired of Grey's before the season ended last year and never watched the finale. I switched between Grey's and The Office last night and it was good to see the sexually-tense couple become a couple- holding hands while on the "rabies run". while everyone else took a cab. That was so funny.
I may need to borrow your DVDs- or I'll just start from here.

Pam said...

We rented "The Office" from Netflix. This week we're watching season one of "Boston Legal." That's pretty good, too. I can't get hooked on anything else, tho!